bog berries has today released his new single titled ‘Nobody Told Me’. An anthem for self realization, ‘Nobody Told Me’ offers that mix of emotion and motion musically with all the feelings you may experience and all the experience you may feel at that magic moment when you realize you’re all grown up and grown out of that protective layer that being young and ‘dumb’ gives you. Oh, did I mention the music is really good too?

About bog berries

Shifting gears between intimate bedroom lofi to musical theatre rock, bog berries create a sonic landscape of catchy hooks garnished with emotional lyrics. The brainchild of Massachusetts native Cooper Evello, each bog berries track is warmly condensed with layers of vocal harmonies, enamoring synths, and punchy body percussion. Aspiring to craft intriguing, yet unusual melodies in the vein of Lizzy Mcalpine, Darwin Deez, or corook, bog berries are ready to cause a stir with their unique brand of indie pop.

Debuting out of the Boston suburbs, bog berries provide a cathartic tune dedicated to the routine mundaneness that pairs with aging on “Nobody Told Me”. Packed with melancholy that is further flavored by serene harmonies and wistful guitar patterns, the track acts as a relatable mantra for those at a crossroads evaluating their life decisions. At the forefront, “Nobody Told Me” celebrates concepts of nostalgia, yearning, and perception of reality, all combed into a catchy indie pop potluck.