When talking to Jay from Johnny Wore Black you get a sense of how diverse his band, Johnny Wore Black, really is. And that would be every bit as true as if you hadn’t heard their music at this point. Jay is multi talented (being a professional stuntman among other things) and refuses to be labeled (try finding out his last name). According to his partner-in-crime, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson:

“He’s a man of many talents and I found him to be a colorful and interesting character.”

This is in no way an understatement. And with Johnny Wore Black’s first to albums out (Walking Underwater Parts 1 & 2) and his new album well underway (which we got somewhat of an exclusive right here in the interview!) There is nothing that can prevent the explosion that will be Johnny Wore Black. Enjoy!

About Johnny Wore Black:
jwbnew2-3-lo-resJohnny Wore Black songwriter, performer, producer has been entwined with music and film his whole life, recently finding his own brand of dark, atmospheric musical intrigue.

In a short space of time Johnny Wore Black has attracted collaborations with influential artists and producers including David Bottrill, a Grammy Award winning producer of Tool, Stone Sour and others, David Ellefson and Bomb The Bass.

The recently released album Walking Underwater Part 2, has received extraordinary reviews. This follows the praise of previously released album Walking Underwater Part 1 and singles All The Rage (2011), Up In Flames (2012), Noise (2012) and Gift of Desperation (2013).

David Ellefson first collaborated on All The Rage and then Up In Flames by playing bass. He then co wrote Gift of Desperation which appears on Part 2 of the album. As David says, “Johnny Wore Black has a very unique sound that I like and as an artist creating a unique sound is one of the hardest things to do, you either have it or you don’t and to me Johnny Wore Black definitely has it.”

What people are saying:

With essences comparable to bands such as A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Tool, and Porcupine Tree but sounding very little like any of them, Walking Underwater and Johnny Wore Black are one of the must investigations of the year now and ahead. – Ringmaster Review

An album like Walking Underwater is captivating. It penetrates the core and stirs emotions. – Metal State of Mind

Johnny Wore Black have found a strange and beautiful escape, and they want to take you along for the ride. All I can say now, is join the bandwagon before the band gets even bigger! – Two Guys Metal Reviews

For Johnny Wore Black all the signs point towards success with “Walking Underwater” (hopefully) just the first of many fine moves by this open and honest dark rock band. – Heavy Metal Time Machine

Check out ‘Noise’ by Johnny Wore Black. Not only does it come with a terrific, Spongebob-meets-Akira video clip, it boasts a singalong chorus that you’ll be humming all day (despite its apocalyptic subject matter!) and a killer, moshpit-worthy mix courtesy of Tool producer David Bottrill – Music Week

Souped-up with trendy remixes and the four-string savoir faire of Dave Ellefson, this second single previewing Walking Underwater is a rocking, Southern-edged, Tool-toned affair with a lot of marketing clout. – Metal Hammer

The climactic moments building to the incendiary outbursts too are equally contagious and irresistible, making the song an insatiable pleasure from start to finish. – Ringmaster Review

“Dark and brooding, its poignant message about the physical and emotional sacrifice of our armed forces really hits home” – Music Week Magazine