“The Drummer Song” is an excellent example of Iceni’s infectious pop sensibility combined with impeccable timing with a dash of an uncanny respect for rock history thrown in for good measure. What you might not know is that there are only three people in the band. Having said that, Iceni should be considered a power trio for the 21st century. There’s a lot more there than “The Drummer Song” leads you to believe. Iceni is a band to not only listen to, but to watch. Expect great things.

About Iceni:
Newcastle-based purveyors of disco-infused power pop; a trio who run almost entirely on good vibrations, close harmonies, towering keyboard riffs and cups of tea.

An outrageously tight live act, their thunderous optimism is garnering plaudits wherever they play . With a sound that veers somewhere between Ben Folds Five and The Eels via Hiam with a touch of Kate Bush, they intend to keep writing their anti-angst anthems until such time that medical science can re animate Freddie Mercury. Then they’re gonna join Queen

Meanwhile they have released an EP, played two live sessions for BBC Introducing, supported Jamie Cullum on tour, been featured in the Guardian, been played on 6 Music and Amazing Radio, been shortlisted for Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition and played numerous festivals and events. They are currently recording their début album.

Iceni are Lindsay Hannon, Liz Corney & Lady Caroline Mary.

“I really like them,.amazing mixture between piano rock and piano pop, its eccentric, with great harmonies, very original sounding”
Jamie Cullum

“I don’t know what to say other than my heart is enchanted. Never have I heard pop music sound this honest. 5/5”
Nerdy Frames