Sewage, a street punk rock band, formed during the spring of 1991 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The band were squatters at 3BC hanging out in Tompkins Square Park involved in the riots throughout the early 1990’s. Sewage performed the Pot Parade with David Peel , Onyx, and Cypress Hill (a popular Hip Hop act in 1992) and opened up the fatal final show of infamous scumrocker GG ALLIN on June 27th of 1993. GG was best known for abusing his audience with fecal matter and abusing himself by rolling in broken glass. Sewage played ABCnoRio with Bambi as well as drunk punk band Public Nuisance. SEWAGE played other squat shows, and played with the Casualties at the 13th Street Squat. The band lived in the squats and on the streets yet were not crusties or politically correct, rather the groups members were just individuals who fought street fights, bar fights, as well as against abusive authority in a time when gentrification was starting…back when real estate influenced police to shut the neighborhood down and close up the spaces which artists and musicians lived, as well as famous important landmarks.

Sewage later on was filmed in the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame’s documentary on PunkRock- in which both sides of the Atlantic Ocean where punk rock was created and became popular, argued over who started punk rock. Sewage played many gigs but mainly within the tri-state area and performed live on Crucial Chaos WNYU radio as well as a couple of Squat pirate radio stations. SEWAGE performed frequently at CBGB’s with the RAMONES as DEE DEE RAMONE was a friend of the band who also put SEWAGE in his fanzine SHOOTING DOPE. World renowned art gallery KOSTABI WORLD through Paul Indrek Kostabi’s efforts, signed SEWAGE to a record deal on GRIM REAPER RECORDS in 1998 after the band did a split 7 inch vinyl release with HAMMERBRAIN in 1996. Spike Polite, the bands lead vocalist/guitarist, was signed with Eastwood Talent which placed him as a model and an actor, and placed him and his band in many commercials and movies. To name a couple: Armani, Debra Harry’s clothing line, NYPD Blue’s PLAYERS, a Sony commercial, 200 cigarettes, Reqium for a Dream, DAVID LETTERMAN and many other projects.

SEWAGE performed frequently in Tompkins Square for the 1988 Riot memorials each year. In 1998 SEWAGE, Spike Polite on lead vocals/guitar, Dante Rosati on bass, Mark Zero on drums, performed in the Spike Lee produced film “SUMMER OF SAM” on ABC/WALT DISNEY in which SEWAGE was used in the television commercial for the movie, as well as the Entertainment TV station with host Howard Stern. After the filming SEWAGE released their self titled full length CD which was sold through Tower Records and Coconut Records nationwide as well as SEWAGE performing at bigger venues such as Club Life for their record release show with the punk legends “The DICKIES”, where the likes of Sharon Stone,Derek Jeter of the NY YANKEES and the gals from the FORD MODELING AGENCY hung out. Spike Polite joined MTV video jockey “JESSIE CAMP”as the guitarist for the band “JESSIE CAMP & The 8th STREET KIDZ” in 1999 in a video that co stared MARKY RAMONE of the RAMONES and REVEREND RUN from the early Rap group RUN DMC in the song “SEE YOU AROUND” on Hollywood Records, It aired every hour on the hour on MTV, when MTV still had bands and music on their station.

Singer/frontman SPIKE POLITE had to let go of music for a decade. He resumed his music career, in a sadly gentrified NYC. SEWAGE was reformed and released an EP titled “OUT OF HELL A-LIVE” which staRred former members of SEWAGE before Spike’s incarceration. Lucky Strano, on guitar and Early Gates on drums-both of the band Morning Glory. Chris Ryan of Team Spider and Johan Rubeline, bass player of AUTONOTONS. Spike was signed to a reality documentary deal with “DEDICATED LANE PRODUCTIONS” to film his adaptation to how society and the L.E.S. neighborhood had changed so drastically during his decade away due to gentrification. Frontman Spike Polite is back at the business of Punk Rock ….currently with Roger aka Roofer Biafra on bass and James “Motherfuckin”Velez on drums, and the crew is ready to have a great time with you. Celebrate our liberties which the Police and Real Estate are always looking to take away. Let’s keep our rights and livelihood safe. Live Life Free!!

Current line-up:
Spike Polite-vocals/guitar
James 420, Chud Compost-bass
Ant Anunaki – drums

Spike Polite-vocals
Lucky Strano-Lead guitar
Christopher Joseph Ryan-Guitar
Johann Rubeline-bass guitar
Early Gates-Drums, Sewage

Spike Polite-vocals,guitar
Dante Rosati-bass,backing vocals
Mark Romero ZERO-Drums

Spike Polite-vocals,guitar
Mike Meatloaf Hall-Bass
Big Pete Patrickis-Drums

(Humyn Sewage 1991-1993)
Chad Whiskey Whitney-vocals
Spike Polite-guitar
Mike Meatloaf Hall-Bass
Big Pete Patrickis-Drums