• Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview With George Morris

    In this Jammerzine Exclusive interview, we talk to a true multi-instrumentalist. I stress multi-instrumentalist because, I think anyway, that they make the best songwriters. And George Morris is a great songwriter. Hands down. And here you get, not only a preview of that in a track off of his upcoming

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with American Anymen

    American Anymen are one of those acts that not just say they are socially aware, they are socially aware. By using art as an expression we can, in theory, embed that art into the psychy, which in turn, gives us alternatives to think about. Art, including music, can influence us

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Something Like December

    When you think about the band Something Like December, by listening to their new EP “We’ll All Die Laughing”, you would never know that this band has only been around a little over a year. You would also know that the members of this band are so you (barely 20).

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: Meet Against Our Own

    A good rule of advice, in any career or business venture, is to start while you’re young. That is when the creativity really flows. And that is what midwest band Against Our Own has done. This band is less than a year old and they already have a clear vision

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: The “Reckless Abandon” of Kenny Dubman

    This is one of those rare moments when I get to talk to a true musician, and that musician is Kenny Dubman. Just check out our review of his new album, “Reckless Abandon” HERE. And now we get to hear about the methods behind the madness in this Jammerzine Exclusive

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: Getting the Details from Astral Tide

    Upon the release of their latest single “Cold Dark”, Astral Tide are well underway at becoming a force to be reckoned with in the indie scene. And it’s about time too, in my humble opinion. This band is stellar in every way. Just listen to the single for yourself. Their

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: Inside the Mind of Magazine Gap

    This is a special interview, in my opinion, because these are musicians of the truest form. James, Brian, and Alex; the force behind the power-trio juggernaut know as Magazine Gap, is a perfect example of said power trio in that they sound like a full wall of music coming at

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Jake Clasen from Alteras

    Rarely is there a musician or band that get together and move forward into a career in the music industry as an artist with the purest of intentions. By that, I mean forming together for the sheer joy of playing music. You typically run into people that I would call

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: The Next Evolution of The Goood Things

    I have to admit, The Goood Things are still one of my favorite bands. And to see them come out with EP3 a couple months ago totally re-affirmed that! Just check out our original review and hear previews HERE, as well as their entry for Jammerzine’s “The 25 Best Indie

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with The Veldt

    A few months ago we featured the video for The Veldt’s “Sanctified”, and have followed their rise to dominance ever since. And that includes their stage-sharing antics with the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre in May. So now we thought it time to get a glimpse at the method

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: The Evolution of the Beat with Simon Wolstencroft

    Let this be a history lesson on the evolution of good music. Today we talk with Simon Wolstencroft, legendary beatmaker of some of the most influential groups of the second British Invasion. After making a name for himself as one of the most respected percussionists of that time, Simon is

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: Meet Jasmine Rodgers

    This interview was an absolute pleasure. Of course, I’m talking about Jasmine Rodgers. In case you missed it, we reviewed Jasmine’s video for her new single “Icicles” last week and, to say the least, it is a must see. It’s such a beautiful song! And now we get to meet

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