In this episode, we feature an exclusive interview with Jack McLeod from the Scottish Indie band The Rah’s. Also featured are premieres and previews from Julian Shah-Tayler, JPDL & Yogi Beats featuring Rider Shafique, Kirlian Camera, Kurtis Hoppie, Vix20, Pat Fulgoni, Pinhdar, and Sunlust.

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About The Rah’s

Fronted by the charismatic vocalist Jack Mcleod and featuring Jordan McIntrye (lead guitarist), Neale Gray (drummer), Lee Brown (bassist), and Jack Miller (keyboard/ guitarist), The Rah’s are an alternative rock band from East Lothian, Scotland.

Over the course of their career, the bands striking live performance style and electric sound have led to them touring across Britain and Ireland, capturing the curiosity of fans with their early releases.

Having supported the likes of The View, Chris Helm, and The Fratellis and with Radio X presenter Gordon Smart highlighting the band as one to watch on the Scottish Music Podcast ‘Telt’, the band is going from strength to strength, and The Rah’s are beginning to make their mark on the UK music industry.

After spending over a year in the studio,  the year ahead is set to be the best yet, with The Rah’s due to tour up and down the country ahead of the release of their debut album. Not to be missed.


About Julian Shah-Tayler

Julian Shah-Tayler has today premiered his new song titled ‘Melt’. This track, to start off, is a darker and mellower turn in Julian’s personal ‘evolution of revolution’. Featuring a more sensual vocal styling and an ethereal accompaniment, the hook is a bit more subtle yet just as powerful and signature in that singularity sort of way. Almost in the realm of Pink Floyd at times, but not enough to be noticeable to the casual listener. ‘Melt’ is a song that will endear you without trying. Captivate without realizing. Evolve without involving. This is music.

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About JPDL & Yogi Beats featuring Rider Shafique

JPDL & Yogi Beats release their new video for the track titled ‘Madness’ featuring Rider Shafique. The track is a smooth blend of syncopated dissonance combined with beat-laden jazz style fusion-funk and a suave and varied percussion.

The meaning behind the music is the madness in the mental. A perfect fit for this era of isolation. What is mental illness but that final desperation in coping with the seemingly un-copable. What we often forget is that the end is never the end but the segway to a new beginning. This is the brilliance within the beats of ‘Madness’.

Yogi Beats


Played Out Records

Rider Shafique

About Kirlian Camera

Kirlian Camera has released their new video for the track titled ‘The 8th President’. While maintaining their dark presence that has become a signature for Kirlian Camera over many years, they have also brought forth an original, almost dystopian visual and audio aesthetic within the video that demands attention. Think of the movie ‘Blade Runner’ when I say this. It’s almost world-building.

The tack is all that one would expect from Kirlian Camera and, in some ways, more. There is a brooding, slow-burning underbelly to ‘The 8th President’ that, in some ways, reflects the current state of isolation and loneliness brought on by the current state of the world. Reflective of the things that are, Kirlian Camera gives a soundtrack to this that leaves more questions than answers and, while most current creativeness shows us what we could be, this shows us what we are. Brilliant.


About Kurtis Hoppie

Kurtis Hoppie has released his new video for the track titled ‘Vegan Burger’. A unique track featuring Kurtis’ original rap cadence and lyrical phrasing way left of the creativity side, ‘Vegan Burger’ transcends the rap genre into pop with a killer sense for songwriting proving that a hook can be a monster.

The video is a story with heart and a visual with art and fits perfectly to the beat of the track. A video track for the sound.


About Vix20

Vix20 has premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Broken Melody’. Taking a large detour from tracks past, Vix20 shows a lighter side of originality with a retro-hook-filled melody-induced track with tips of the hat to the likes of Christopher Cross, Pink Floyd, and more. Sound like an original mix? You have to listen to find them, but they are all there. This is as much a classic approach to songwriting as it is a time-honored way to lay a track down.

The video gives that lucid memory to the graphic artists of old that worked on such classics as ‘Heavy Metal’ and ‘Animalympics’. Given the music-heavy tinges of those two classic films, it’s easy to see where Vix20 gets some of its influence. And that influence is worn on the sleeve on the jacket of originality.


About Pat Fulgoni

Pat Fulgoni (Kava KavaCabinet of Millionaires) has released his new live album titled ‘Dark Side Of The Blues’. Featuring a stellar lineup of musicians from the Czech area, at gives a sturdy repertoire of standards and favorites from the golden era of the blues with the conviction of a bluesman who sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads and never looked back. Each musician gets a turn in the spotlight as this is a showcase for a new band in the making only waiting for COVID to end to get busy with the blues. Magnificent.


About Pinhdar

Pinhdar has released their new album titled ‘Parallel’. Angelic and operatic vocals soaring over lush and vivid soundscapes would be the immediate way to describe Pinhdar. Cecilia Miradoli and Max Tarenzi, the minds behind the music of Pinhdar, make music that is much deeper than that, though. There is a soul to ‘Parallel’. And a personality. Almost on the level of a concept as much as an album, ‘Parallel’ is, at times, a concept opera with the songs relating to chapters of a bigger, coherent piece. A ‘theater of the soul’, if you will.

The album gives you enough diversity to take what you want and bond with what you will. This is brilliance as an art form.

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About Sunlust

Sunlust is set to drop their new album titled ‘Geek Confessions’ on April 12th. The album is a solid set of hooks harking back to when alternative was still alternative, and not he mainstream. Quirky at times and gritty throughout, Sunlust leave the garage door open and lets the neighborhood soak up the goodness ringing out of the garage.

The album is set for release on April 12th alongside a special edition pressing of 180g Vinyl. The band is looking forward to getting back out to play live, moshing with friends, and tearing up the stage!


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