Julian Shah-Tayler has today released his new album titled ‘Hunger City (Diamond Dogs is 50)’, a cover album celebrating David Bowies iconic ‘Diamond Dogs’ album, released 50 years ago tomorrow (May 24th).

Just covering ‘Future Legend’ is risky enough, due to the sonic obscurity of the track, but, that and the segway into ‘Future Legends’ put a smile on my face. Trying to stay within the thin lines of homage and originality is harder than walking a tightrope. Compare these to the originals, they stand apart on style while standing behind the history created by those we’re familiar with.

‘Hunger City’ is as much a reimage as it is a set of remakes. Done by a fan with his own musical style, Julian takes what he loves and filters it though what he has, making a brilliant set of songs that put a new timestamp on timelessness.

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About ‘Hunger City (Diamond Dogs is 50)’

Julian has had a great few years/months. Aside from opening up on tour for Strangelove the Depeche Mode Experience, he was also listed in the New Age piano category for 2 Grammy ballot positions as engineer/producer on Wayne Bethanis’ #1 piano album “Listen” as well as 4 Grammy ballot listings for “Elysium” and other works.

His #4 New Wave album of 2022 “Elysium” also yielded a Grammy-eligible single for its Chatfield remix of “End of The Line” and “Melt” was voted #18 single of 2022 by the listeners of “Subculture Shock”.

“Diamond Dogs was the first Bowie album I had on cassette and the literary aspirations referencing Orwell coupled with the almost “goth funk” sound had me transfixed. The “Sweet Thing” suite and “We are the Dead” grabbed me and it became one of my favorite albums of all time. After the success of my Executive Produced “Aladdin Sane” cover album last year, I had to tackle this one, and as it is an album so close to my heart, I wanted to do it alone this time. Some people may hate it, but I found the process joyful and illuminating”.

Personal Bio

Born in Leeds, England and educated at Hogwarts(truly!) all the way to a philosophy degree at York university, Julian moved to London as a singer songwriter with classical training on piano and self taught on guitar.

After abortive record deals with Alan McGee he joined hip electro clash outfit “Whitey” as co-writer/guitarist recording many of the songs in his nascent home studio. After a complete breakdown in communication, Julian moved to Los Angeles to pursue his own project and had further success with licenses in TV and film in the USA.