Jane N’ The Jungle has released their new video for the track titled ‘Raw As A Jewel’ on Cleopatra Records. A slight departure from their single ‘Dirty Dog‘, i.e. a bit more gritty and rhythmic, yet just as signature, we find Jane N’ The Jungle at a musical crossroad. A bright and brilliant crossroad. I feel this is the beginning of a slight shift in the music. All bands and artists go through this. The good ones, anyway.

And, while the video is that minimalist ‘here you are’ video that focuses on the song, we get that marriage of originality and creativity in ways that only musical masters can convey. This is not Jane N’ The Jungle is back; this is Jane N’ The Jungle is here to stay.

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About ‘Raw As A Jewel’

Raw As A Jewel is about giving in to your desires and baring it all with reckless abandon. The band dances around love and second chances, daring the listener to follow their heart. It was inspired by the band’s feeling of rebirth and restless desire to chase their wildest dreams, no matter the cost.

RAW is the first release with Cleopatra Records that flaunts the band’s raw intense energy recorded with producer Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios, music video by Raysquared Productions and photography by Jim Louvau.

As an artist I am always striving to write, sing and perform in my most raw authentic self. It was a fight within myself, a feeling that felt as if I wanted to crawl outside my body, and I wanted to portray that emotion in “RAW AS A JEWEL.

Jordan White

The band has garnered support from outlets like MTV Spankin’ New, Music Choice, Spotify’s Fierce Femmes, All New Rock, Women of Rock, Apple Music’s Breaking Hard Rock, New in Rock and Fresh Blood with features in Wonderland, Alt Press, Women That Rock, Loud Women, The Hype Magazine. Rock radio has also taken notice and supported their music with spins on Matt Pinfield’s “New and Approved” show on KLOS FM Los Angeles, and Sirius XM.

We are thrilled to be working with Jane N’ The Jungle and releasing their gem of a single “Raw As A Jewel.” Jordan is one of the most powerful and dynamic vocalists we’ve heard in a long while and the band behind her just flat out ROCKS! We couldn’t be more excited for the future of this killer group.

Cleopatra Records.