The songwriter and performer of hip hop known as Jay Charm has released his latest EP record, “Lovers Lane.” The EP is composed of five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. It has proudly been published as an independent release entirely without support of the corporate music industry. It is the most recent official release from Charm since his June 2013 record, the “P – Game” EP. Innovative, upbeat, and full of urban poetry of the highest caliber, “Lovers Lane” by Jay Charm is a record that defines his style better than anything Charm has released before.

Jay Charm cites as main artistic influences Jay-Z, Jada Kiss, and Freeway. He also notes in a recent interview, “As a teenager I started to like Eminem, Son the RNB Side, Michael Jackson, and of course Janet Jackson and TLC are awesome! I was also a Big Punisher and Brian McKnight fan.”

Still, Charm’s history as a youth in the East Coast’s urban center of Philadelphia molded his art at least as much as his favorite music has. He says of this, “Due to the life I lived in the streets of Philadelphia, I grew up hypnotized by music and influenced by words. The seduction of sex, violence and drugs drew me ever closer in touch with my own personal musical talent and entertainment abilities. Overall my own life lessons, experiences, and circumstantial mishaps are the major inspirational influence over my music.”

Though only 26 years old at the time of this writing, Charm has already published more than 14 official releases in one form or another. His repertoire includes nine video shoots at last count, with more on the way. He has already performed at countless venues with several popular artists, such as DJ Kay Slay and Young Jeezy. His countless cameo appearances have placed him with living legends like Fred the GodSon, Mack Maine, Cory Gunz, Uncle Murda, and many, many more.

Speaking of the themes in his music, Jay Charm says, “My music usually pertains to something that has occurred in my life, so when I’m in front of an audience performing, I give more than just a performance; I give a connection, a real life experience. From my anecdotes of victory and strife I hype crowds with tales of triumph. I want to empower those who wanna give up. I want to free those who shy away from confidence. I have a message and a desire to positively influence the youth of yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Proof of Charm’s desire to change the world is evident in the not-for-profit organization he co-founded to support the family of his friend, called Brian’s Army, the letter of recognition he received from Suffolk County legislator, Kate Browning, and an honorable mention from the town of Brookhaven.

“Lovers Lane” by Jay Charm is available online worldwide.