What’s up everybody!  It’s Johnny Naylor, here to talk a little bit about what it is that I do.  Well, I can’t say I was quite sure through the beginning stages of 1st Shot Music.  You don’t have to know where I’m from to find out where I’ve been.

I grew up just south of St. Louis, MO.  In the county.  We liked our music loud, and partied even louder.  Little did I know about the passion that screamed inside of me for music.  To write it, create it, sing it, and introduce it.  So it began, I am now proud to say that 1st Shot Music has accumulated over 11,000 viewings, with over 250 visitors per day to view these original artists.

Although, it wasn’t always like this.  It started in my father’s basement with a cheap laptop.  I just learned how to play and sing, as I’ve been doing so for a couple of years now.  While at home with the kid’s, if I wasn’t feeding them, or changing diapers, I was playing guitar, and net-working. The relationship with my children’s mother was a bit shaky from the beginning.

With all negatives must come a positive, and I’m proud to say that they are both in school, my daughter is in 1st grade, and my son in kindergarten.  I must have done something right. (laughs)  They are extremely healthy, and all in all just fun to be around. If you ask me, well of course they get their looks from their father.  (laughs) ;)With all of this, I urge you to surround yourself with positive people who are gonna stand by your side through thick and thin. Never let anybody steal your dreams.  They’re yours!  No matter how tough the storm get’s, always keep sailing, because you never know when something life changing might happen.

While riding the storm out, I am pleased to say that 1st Shot Music has established many open door ways for the original artist. Averaging over 250 visitors per day to my work, celebrities who follow, are such as: Cody Wolfe Music, Tyler Farr, Colt FordCarissa LeighKevin Costner & Modern West, Dan Chandler, Five Finger Death Punch, just to name a few.

I am very proud to announce that you may submit your music for more than one opportunity.  Submit to get featured both on 1st Shot Music, and Naylor’s Notes on Jammerzine today. All you need is the passion within you to move forward.  Surround yourself with positive people, and don’t ever stop shining!!!

With Passion,

Johnny Naylor

About Johnny Naylor:
author-naylor-smJohnny Naylor is the founder and owner of 1st Shot Music and a feature writer for Jammerzine. His work can also be found on 1st Shot Music and Naylor’s Notes. You can also get his latest updates on his facebook page.