Jeffrey James has today released his new single titled ‘Day By Day’ via Preach Records. A solid collaboration with John Davidson and Jacob Bryant, the lead singer and lead guitarist of the indie-rock band The Brummies, ‘Day By Day’ is that near perfect merger of indie and soul.

There is a slight R&B tinge to the music amid the soul drenched and powerful voice that is Jeffrey James backed by an onslaught of beautiful church choir style background vocals. But the real power behind the song is how it dips and dives between the notes in powerful emotional overtones. This is how music should convey those emotions. With the music as much as the lyrics. This is how the tone is set. And it is set in such a way as to make this song a soundtrack for a future memory.

About Jeffrey James & ‘Day By Day’

Over the past few years, Jeffrey James has captivated the hearts of millions with his soulful and introspective sound and his rich, velvety vocals. For his new single, “Day by Day,” Jeffrey worked with John Davidson and Jacob Bryant, the lead singer and lead guitarist of the indie-rock band The Brummies. Merging Jeffrey’s soulful pop stylings with John and Jacob’s indie sensibilities, the trio created an irresistibly catchy, genre-blending anthem with “Day by Day.”

“The song is based on my own experience of growing and learning about life and love alongside my wife,” Jeffrey shares. “It hasn’t always been perfect or easy, but there is nothing better than knowing you have a partner who is by your side and ready to take on whatever comes next.”

Pairing catchy pop melodics and R&B influences with reflective lyricism, Jeffrey’s songs explore the complex emotional layers of human experience with compassion and curiosity. Since making his debut in 2016, he has amassed millions of streams across his repertoire, received praise from tastemakers like Billboard and 1883 Magazine, and had his music featured in numerous TV shows and films.

In Spring 2022, Jeffrey’s collaboration with Grammy Award-winning DJ, Dave Audé, climbed to number 5 on the UK dance charts. Over the course of his singles, collaborations and EPs, Jeffrey has continued to explore his sound, emerging as an exciting force in the contemporary pop space.

Featured image by Molly Peach.