The Day has today released their new single titled ‘Nemesis’ from their upcoming album ‘The Kids Are Alright’ dropping May 10th.

Starting off as a pristine indie pop future classic, there are swells of brilliance accompanied by the perfect vocals for this particular song. That musical eruption into the pre chorus is spectacular. Such an announcement of what is to come, yet it transcends into something better in the form of a unique guitar interlude.

This is the hidden magic of the song; angelic vocals washed in a see of jangly guitar and chord progressions that swing as much as they sway. Take a listen. Let this song become your friend as you become a fan.

About The Day & ‘Nemesis’

‘Nemesis’ is a rallying cry, aiming to galvanise hope amidst the despair. An offbeat indie-pop offering, The Day’s inspirations run as broad as they are deep. Singer Laura Loeters explains: “Referencing to Greek mythology, Nemesis is about feelings of powerlessness, the fight against injustice and the danger of becoming overconfident in a time when we live with constant threats and fears over which we seem to have no control. Yet we continue to search for balance and meaning and that little twinkling light in the darkness.”

Finding peace in the omnipresent noise, developing coping strategies, growing in the face of the outside world and themselves: Dream pop / indie rock duo THE DAY, who live and work in Antwerp and Hamburg, will release their second album “The Kids Are Alright” on 10 May 2024, exploring different shades of loneliness.

“The Kids Are Alright” is an album that, in its darker areas, photographs moments of uncertainty and tension in the midst of multiple crises. Its nostalgic traits serve to reassure and encourage. And which no longer wants to wait at its angry edges.

After the escapist sound world that The Day create on their debut album “Midnight Parade”, the band turns to a clearer but also darker and more serene language on “The Kids Are Alright”. In dealing with loneliness and the threat of loss of control, The Day want to offer a place of peace and confirmation, to themselves as well as to their listeners. But also a hopeful starting point for jointly overcoming isolation and the inability to act.

The Day released two DIY-EPs and then their debut album “Midnight Parade” in early 2019. They continue to work on formulating their own version of pop music. A music that is intimate without being imposing. That is meant to connect and look forward. Restrained, melancholic and always touching the heart.

Featured image by Lumi Lausas.