Off the back of their successful debut EP ‘Me & You’, ‘Cool Kid’ is a celebration of embracing one’s whole identity. Bouncing beats, classic indie-pop guitar licks and delicious chant-worthy lyrics create a flurry of goosebumps and sing-along goodness.

This single is super-charged as lead woman Grace Newton-Wordsworth wears her heart on her sleeve. Powerfully supported by bandmates Aaron Birch, Riley Sutton and Liam Olsen, ‘Cool Kid’ is a track based around the aftermath of coming out. Grace states regarding the track:

“Coming out as bi-sexual was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done as I grew up with a lot of shame surrounding my sexuality. I was raised in a loving home, but my parents also had intense Christian beliefs, and I was taught that being gay or queer is a sin and could lead to serious consequences. Thankfully I met some queer friends who encouraged me to open up to who I am and be proud of my sexuality.”

“I think my entire life I have always been a bit of an outsider and gravitated towards people that feel the same. I grew up on an organic and bio-dynamic farm, my parents are Christian hippies and weren’t very accepted in the town I grew up in. My life was unconventional and other kids just didn’t really understand me. I was rejected, left out and bullied and definitely never a ‘Cool Kid’.”

Wrapped in an energetically eccentric soundtrack, the warming track captures the emotional challenges faced while navigating life. For those who have been made to feel small and are carrying around the weight of being bullied and pushed aside, Joan & The Giants have pieced together the perfect anthem to cry, dance, laugh and cry again to.

No strangers to pulling heartstrings on the airwaves, the West Coast outfit has received countless praise for their previous releases. Just last year at the 2022 WAM Awards, the band won the ‘Best Lyrics’ award for their single ‘The Weekend’.

Spending weeks in the AMRAP Metro Charts, Joan & The Giants have had their tunes spun all around the globe and have seen ongoing support from the likes of Pilerats, Tone Deaf, Music Feeds, The Music, Livewire AU, AAA Backstage, and countless others across the nation.

Joan & The Giants are going on a Coast to Coast tour to celebrate. Revel the alt-indie pop goodness of Joan & The Giants latest track ‘Cool Kids’ and witness the warmth in person.

SOURCE: Official Bio