Joe Carnwath has today released his new album titled ‘The Man That I Am’. While you could call this album pop, rock, pop-rock, indie, or whatever, you will have a good time listening to this. The mix of instrumentation alone gives this an original vibe while delivering monster hooks and tight rhythms.

Each track has it’s own signature within an overall signature sound. A decidedly British sound with a global feel, ‘The Man That I am’ is a complete showcase for the musician that Joe is.

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About Joe Carnwath & ‘The Man That I Am’

While sonically akin to 80s & 90s indie royalty such as Lloyd Cole or The Lightning Seeds, Carnwath’s sophomore album is no museum piece. With his distinctive song-writing very much front and centre “The Man That I Am” takes us on a jangling journey through 10 succinct vignettes featuring his quintessentially British cynicism, humor and turns of phrase that play out like something from a Richard Curtis movie. With their intricate upbeat arrangements, these reflections of the artist as an older man uncover a wistfulness and possibly even some begrudged wisdom.

Featured single “The One About The Girl” is a case in point. Lyrics like “Even though on paper it’s not what you’re after, drawn to your Camus and Kafka, there’s a song you still come back to: It’s the one about the girl” set it aside from your standard pop fare. Carnwath says “Even the real geniuses (Dylan, Paul Simon, Lloyd Cole, who ever you choose to put in that category) have to contend with the fact that, while their lyrics are truly amazing, at the end of the day, they can’t claim to be “superior” to Little Richard singing “a wop bop a lubop a wap bam boo” “The One About The Girl” is my comment on the futility of preening pompous songwriting in the form of… yes, a preening 3-minute pop ditty”

Collaborators on the album include industry heavy weights such as Eric Bazilian (Robbie Williams, Joan Osbourne, Cyndi Lauper), Pelle Karlsson (Louis Hoffsten, Boppers) and top Swedish Mixing guru Lasse Mårtén (Lykke Li, Chrissie Hyde, Franz Ferdinand).