Joyriders is an emerging Ukrainian indie-rock band. With crispy live sound and light-hearted but thoughtful lyrics, they are creating their own world with a beautiful expression of how things should be done. They have constant local media coverage, a few EU-based press publications, European Indie Music Network radio plays, and many more yet to come.

The band consists of 4 members: Hlib Petrenko (vocals), Misha Stotskyi (guitar), Danylo Klisch (bass) and Dmytro Markin (drums).

Modernizing the 80s music approach and classic dance beats, Joyriders added the sparkle of indie-rock sound to create a unique “dance cult” vibe. The sound of the track leads the lyrical hero to the world of rhythms and energy, where he unites with the dance cult. This song becomes his personal journey into the faith of dance, where every step adds new sensations and opens up incredible opportunities for self-expression.

The production and sound work of this release were influenced by artists like Empire of the Sun, RHCP, Dua Lipa, and Tame Impala.

SOURCE: Official Bio