Kwasi has released his new single titled ‘Poison’. A true sense of what the indie music scene is permeates the music with a lucid guitar riff filling the backbeat creating the perfect stage for Kwasi’s unique vocal stylings.

Poetry set to a soundtrack about that moment in a relationship where goodbyes are imminent. Sometimes love IS like poison, as the song suggests, but we just don’t know when it’s over. We’re in our comfort zone and refuse to leave. Emotions are displayed and solutions are hazy, yet the answer is obvious. Is it love? Is it lust? Is it comfort? ‘Poison’ delves into that and more with a beautiful song meant for the mind as well as the heart.

About Kwasi

‘Poison’ is layered with hazy, indie guitar riffs and driven by upbeat drums as waves of cool synths wash over. Kwasi skilfully captures a bittersweet essence that ebbs and flows with his lyricism, weaving dreamy chorus melodies contrasted with briskly delivered verses. Laid over the shimmering backdrop his gruff vocals are engrossing and powerful all while feeling disarmed and warm.

Through the track, Kwasi lets his guard down and offers a self-indulgent perspective on heartbreak, finding solace in solitude and encouraging his partner to ‘run away, far away, cause this love is like poison’. Kwasi reveals:

“In ‘Poison’, I am caught in a daze of hopeful sadness, knowing the end is near. Hungover from intoxicating love, I romanticize the positive parts of the relationship, but deep down I know it’s best to just ‘Run away’.”

Kwasi’s distinctive sound and creative vision shine through with ‘Poison’. While lyrically, he encapsulates the complex emotions and conflicts of a relationship reaching its inevitable end, he also arouses that same feeling through the nostalgic but fresh production.

For the unfamiliar, Kwasi has been stirring emotions for a long time now and has shared stages with renowned artists like 360, Banks Arcade, Genesis Owusu, and more. His music has received widespread recognition, earning support from influential platforms such as Triple J, Purple Sneakers, MTV, AU Review, Scenestr plus editorial placements in Spotify’s Fresh Finds AU & NZ, The Drip and sadboi hours.