1. Youth Jozem 3:36

Jozem’s music is intrinsically tied to his core being, representing a tiny insight to not only who he is as an artist but also the details of his unique human experience.

Featuring 5 previously released singles ‘Breath’ , ‘Dreams’, ‘Water Me’, ‘Goderich’ and ‘Youth’, Jozem perfectly balances the album with 5 unreleased slices of smoothness ‘Möbius’, ‘Lunar’, ‘Danforth’ ‘The Risk’ and the albums single ‘Foreign’ which help complete the project in its entirety. Put simply, it came to in a dream is a spiritual and healing journey in sonic form.

With eclectic tastes and influences stemming from his colorful upbringing, Toronto-based artist (via Kenya and Rwanda), Jozem experiments with various elements to create a unique sound that is melded with allusive and personal lyrics.

While taking the time to pursue his other childhood dream of becoming a physician, Jozem kept the music close, continuously writing and producing. He views music-making as a necessary means of self-expression and a form of catharsis for his ‘two-brained, academic and creative sides which are sometimes at tension but ultimately complement each other.

In May 2019, Jozem released his debut 3-track EP, BLACK NIGHT, a deeply introspective work that touches upon various themes of loss, indecision, self-doubt and ultimately, self-acceptance. His following singles ‘Breathe,’ ‘Water Me,’ and ‘Dreams’, ‘Goderich’ and ‘Youth’ were equally moving and well-considered bodies of work. With each release Jozem continues to grow and progress as both a musician and a songwriter, establishing his artistry through meaningful, expressive music that’s thought-provoking, sincere and relatable.

Still something of a best-kept secret, Jozem has impressed audiences with his intimate and expressive performances, anchored by a voice rich in emotion and texture. His lyrics and sounds emanate from intense depth and contemplation, offering a brief glimpse into his soul, whilst leaving room for interpretation and self-application.

SOURCE: Official Bio