1. Foreign Jozem 4:39

Toronto based, (via Kenya & Rwanda) singer, songwriter, producer and all round artist Jozem finally presents his exquisite, entirely self-produced debut album, it came to me in a dream. Utterly haunting, completely chill-inducing and filled with layer upon layer of texture, vivid imagery and soul stirring soundscapes, it came to me in a dream, is the true definition of alternative RnB. One which Jozem presents in his uniquely intoxicating, explorative concoction of sound featuring threads of neo-soul and a warm emanating and reverberating Lo-fi haze.

Exactly as the name suggests, this 10 track album is the sonic experience and interpretation of a dream world, all of Jozems creation. Right from the very first, heady, heavy breath of opening single ‘Breathe’ all the way through to the final offering and most recent single and video ‘Youth’, you find yourself entrapped, encased and entranced in another world. Stepping softly, Jozem drenches you in his atmospheric, soulful and incredibly thought provoking lyricism which is thick with poeticism, introspection and enigmatic power.

A blend of electronic production culminating in epic synth work, alongside eerie and cinematic vocal effects, Jozem expertly incorporates field recordings into his music, adding a depth of flavour, intrigue and an incomparable understanding of not only his environment but also of himself and the art in which he wants to portray. He forever encapsulates a feeling, a place, a moment in time within his music, which instantly transports the listener, taking them on an immersive journey with each and every track.

Describing the single ‘Foreign’, Jozem poignantly shares,

“In life, with all its noise and distractions, it is so easy to just keep going with the flow that you lose sight of your purpose and forget how you got to where you are.

Foreign is about being lost and getting to a juncture where you are forced to face yourself and the person you have become. You start questioning who you are and question the relationships with the people who you love. Foreign is about bravely sitting in those moments of uncertainty, letting yourself question the things that you’ve been conditioned into believing about yourself, who you should be, and how you present to the world.

SOURCE: Official Bio