Juliana Riccardi has today released her new single titled ‘Right On Time’. A home style studio experience with just the right musicians, this Nashville Session gives a subtle home-breaking heart telling rendition of originality.

Feeling Americana, a style that has to be felt as much as recorded to get it right, we get the humbleness of the artist and the gratitude of the collaboration.

Meaningfully done, this song shows us that it is never too late as long as we make the right choices at the right time. Beautiful.

About ‘Right On Time’

Blending a roots Americana sound with soul and folk influences – distinctive of Riccardi’s hybrid, fluid musicality – “Right On Time” creates a sense of uplifting nostalgia, the wistfulness of looking back on your journey with tenderness and gratitude. Led by guitar and soulful vocals, the song is warm and grounded, without foregoing its dreamy, cinematic qualities. An authentic, romantic portrayal of prioritizing herself and gaining perspective in the track, Riccardi warrants her commitment to growth, vulnerability, and joyfulness.

“‘Right On Time’ reminds you that you’re not too late or too lost; and that you can make a turn whenever you want,” she comments. “I wrote this song at the top of that year as a mantra to challenge my old, limiting beliefs.” Beneath its gentle exterior, “Right On Time” is narrated with the confidence gained through hindsight and time passing – as its lyrics say, “You’re right on time… So, get out there, and please enjoy the ride.” Riccardi crafts an older presence looking over her younger self’s shoulder, reassuring herself and others that there is no such thing as wasted time.

Blooming out of a time of change and embracing the thrills of new, fresh experiences, “Right On Time” is one half of Juliana Riccardi’s The Nashville Session recordings, a project born out of what Riccardi defined a ‘perfect mixture of risk and preparation.’ Co-produced and mixed by Nick Bullock, a producer-engineer from Neal Capellino’s The Doghouse Studio (Dolly Parton, Allison Kraus, Sheryl Crow), The Nashville Session singles were recorded live across an eye-opening, three-day trip bustling with creativity which gave Riccardi a groundbreaking studio vocal performance. “It was a big risk going there with all the ‘firsts’ happening at once, but they aligned,” she reflects. “Nashville was new to me, but I had a feeling of home there during those three days.” The single features Lauren Stockner on bass and Grammy award winner Will Hensley on guitar and piano. Hensley, who is known for his engineering and mixing work with artists like John Mayer, Mat Kearny, Coldplay, and Gavin Degraw, also arranged and co-produced the track alongside Riccardi, Stockner, and Bullock.

About Juliana Riccardi

Juliana Riccardi proudly walks in her ever-evolving journey as an artist and woman– one that’s taken the New York City native to a place out West where she began turning heads and bending ears. With a voice and authenticity that reflects a mosaic of musical inspirations, the now Los Angeles local, has a deep connection to roots Americana and rock and roll, borrowing from blues and soul sounds. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Vocal Performance from the City College of New York in Harlem, and has over a decade of lead performance experience– all of which lay the groundwork for her compelling songwriting and stage presence. After some deep losses and soul searching, Riccardi shared her voice in a new way by building a remarkable live band, releasing her noteworthy studio recordings, and continuing her love for spontaneity on some of LA’s best original music stages.

Her sophomore EP, Full Cup, was released in October 2021: a hybrid record of Americana, soul, and folk influence, it was mixed by GRAMMY award winners Darrell Thorp (Lake Street Dive, Beck) and Will Hensley. The EP earned praise from champions like CMT, Americana Highways, Rock & Blues Music, Fargo’s KRFF “Other Side Of Country” FM radio show, Roots Down Under FM Radio, and was featured on Spotify’s “Healin Blues” playlist.

In 2022, Juliana was invited to perform at Nashville’s legendary “Listening Room,” where she played stripped-down, acoustic renditions of her songs to a full audience. In a perfect balance of risk and preparation, this resulted in an eye-opening, three-day trip over which Riccardi recorded The Nashville Session Singles: “Off the Map” and “Right on Time,” a two-track project produced by Nick Bullock at The Doghouse Studio (Dolly Parton, Allison Kraus, Sheryl Crow).

Committed to authentic, energetic performances and evocative songwriting, Juliana Riccardi’s openness and commitment to growth have led her to be a stylistic chameleon. Garnering over 37K streams on Spotify already, Juliana Riccardi is ready to unveil her latest offering to fans with The Nashville Session Singles, a stripped-down glimpse into her songs, showcasing them in the most powerful and intimate way yet.