Survival Guide has released her new album of covers titled ‘Request Hotline, Vol 2’ via Double Helix Records.

While you may be familiar with these tracks, as recorded by the original artists, you’ll get familiar with them all over again as they are re-imaged. Think of it as getting reacquainted with that formerly favorite uncle at the next family reunion after not seeing him for 20 years and him being freshly out of rehab. Is he all the better? Do you remember as he was? See what I mean? He’s different. Better in some places; yet with fond memories of him being a total fuck-up.

Let Survival Guide let you remember these songs for what they were and what they are to you now. By getting reacquainted.

About ‘Request Hotline, Vol 2’

Following the release of the non-streaming limited edition 7-inch Request Hotline, Vol 1.5 in January, Survival Guide (a.k.a. Emily Whitehurst) is proud to release Request Hotline, Vol 2 (a.k.a. “RHV2”) out now via Double Helix Records. RHV2 is an 11-track, digital-only release featuring bold and unique re-imaginings of punk tracks by Green Day, Runaways, Avril Lavigne, The Distillers, Tony Sly, Sleater-Kinney, and Maybe Tomorrow as well as the four songs from the 7-inch mini-album, which consists of intriguing dance-party interpretations of AFI’s “Girl’s Not Grey” and “Totalimmortal” and a pair of contemplative, piano-serenade-style Misfits covers of “Skulls” and “Hybrid Moments.” Each has its own creative Survival Guide treatment.

“I had TONS of fun recording this album,” says Emily (known previously as “Agent M,” who led Warped Tour-standouts Tsunami Bomb). “Taking all of these punk song requests and switching their genres around was a really fun challenge for me. ‘For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know’ (The Distillers) was pretty difficult because I went orchestral with it…which is not something I do on a regular basis! I was stuck on what to do with ‘Turn It On’ by Sleater-Kinney, until I decided to try flipping it from riot grrl to pole dancer. Somehow that seemed so right, and the arrangement just fell into place! I loved taking ‘My Happy Ending’ by Avril Lavigne and making it MORE punky than the original as a return to my roots. I’m so glad that now everyone will get to hear the dancey AFI songs and piano Misfits songs, since those were previously only on vinyl!”

About Survival Guide

A former California native now residing in Texas, Emily is an electronic indie-pop artist with a background in punk. Her music obsession began with Green Day, leading her to a dreams-come-true life of punk rock as she traversed continents fronting the band Tsunami Bomb as “Agent M.” Over the years, her music gradually shifted toward synth pop in The Action Design, then further into the electronic indie-pop realm as Survival Guide. Her danceable tunes evoke a sonic birthday cake: alternating layers of Depeche Mode, Metric, Peter Gabriel, and Grimes, with vibrant melodies and vocals as the icing on top. “Music is crucial to my survival,” she says wholeheartedly, adding, “Survival Guide is one woman trying to shape her own place in this world as a musician.”

Originally a duo, Survival Guide’s first album, Way To Go – dubbed “passion behind an electronic soul” by New Noise Magazine – was released in 2015. It was around this time when Survival Guide slowly, amicably yet painfully became a solo act, leaving Emily unsure of what to do next. Never having written or performed music alone, she considered everything from starting a new band to quitting music altogether. After a major geographical shift, an acoustic album, and some solo touring, she’s finally ready to return as a solo Survival Guide.

Emily Whitehurst is the solo force behind Survival Guide. The full collection, Request Hotline, Volume 2 is available now on all streaming platforms via Double Helix Records and features covers of The Distillers, Sleater-Kinney, Green Day and others. Request Hotline, Vol. 1.5 is available on limited edition 7-inch (500 copies).