With the energy and chaos of old-school rock n’ roll and a modern touch of sympathy and empowerment, JVK commands the crowd as soon as they step on stage. Local to the Boston music scene, the newly formed band started out as the lead vocalist Jo Krieger’s solo project, backed up by Alix Breda’s groovy bass lines, Syd Lane’s compelling guitar solos, and Troy Welling’s energetic drum fills.

But soon, their undeniable chemistry took them to create JVK, in which in just less than a year of their existence, they’ve conquered every sweaty basement in the Northeast, fished a loyal audience who are now filling up bigger and bigger venues, including being part of the Louder than Life festival line up for 2023, playing with Green Day, Turnstile, Queens of the Stone Age, and more. JVK’s debut EP, “Hello, Again”, best represents the band’s intent to invite the listener to embark on a magical, almost spiritual musical journey with them.

The relatability found in Jo’s lyrics, turns the band’s music into a universal language, portraying a message in which everyone can feel confident.

SOURCE: Official Bio