1. Location Kaycee Brown 3:27

A song about requited love. About trust. About longing. About desire. A song that takes you back to the romance of the ‘90s. A voice sauteed for both the lovelorn and lovestruck of these times. “Location,” an Afro RnB bop that thrusts Kaycee Brown from the realms of dreamers to the vanguard of emerging maestros within Nigeria’s expansive music scene. With the song, Kaycee Steps out as one of the most vivacious new voices preaching the gospel of love and romance to the world.

Produced by sound whiz Spicy Chordz and engineered by Lemar Abdul, “Location” takes listeners on a trip down loversville, purging them of any negative thoughts towards expressing affection and desire for their loved ones. “This is technically my debut record. For a long time, I soaked in a lot of people’s work, and I found a way to interpolate it into something that felt true to my sound. I wanted to create a soundtrack to people’s lives, and have an impact in their lives,” Brown says, his face brimming with fulfilment.

Serving as the lead single to his untitled forthcoming extended play, “Location” showcases Kaycee Brown’s dexterity as a songwriter and vocalist. His silky RnB vocals easily seep through the melody, creating room for catharsis. “I want to leave an impact in people’s lives. I want my song to elicit emotions in people,” he adds. After growing up in a strong musical background, Kaycee Brown spent the better part of his childhood dreaming of becoming like Chris Brown. Now, nearly three decades later, he takes up Chris Brown’s surname, alongside a die-hard conviction to ensure his dreams don’t fade away with his childhood memories.

He narrates, “I feel like all my life I have always been interested in music. I learned how to play the drums, piano and guitar by myself. My mum was a singer at church and she wrote songs for the choir and other departments in the church, especially when they had events. I feel like music is in our family, and it got passed down to me. She was into music. Her brother was into music. I have been doing this all my life.

“I fell in love with Chris Brown from his Graffiti album. That influenced how I learned how to sing a lot. When I was younger, I told a woman my name is Kingsley and she shortened it to KC. I was confused; because how do you get KC from Kingsley? She apologised and left, without an explanation. The name just stuck. Since Kingsley sounded like Kaycee, in my young head it worked. I wanted to use just Kaycee, but due to copyright I could not. So, since I love Chris Brown I just borrowed the last name. This is technically my debut song, and it feels super good; it feels like I am making a step in pushing towards achieving this dream.”

Having been co-signed by industry mavericks including Olisa Adibua, Craig David, Ms Banks, Pheelz, Steff London, The Game, Ric Hassani, among others, with “Location,” Kaycee Brown enshrines his legacy on the hall of fame of dream chasers, creating a record that has morphed from sheer ambition to a salve for lovebirds. And with the song, Kaycee Brown notes that his fans should expect a full length project that showcases his depth and authenticity as an artiste.

“This is the lead single off that record. I will drop the EP soon. I do not want to be part of those that drop their projects into the void. I want people to really listen and feel the music. I put my heart into this project. I am reviewing the mixes and mastering. I am putting it out soon, in a few months. All songs in the EP were recorded during the recording process. The process took a lot of time, because I was unsure of whether to record new songs or the ones I had written. I put my heart into making sure the sessions helped me get the songs out the way I wanted them to sound. I sat with my producer Spicy Chordz to ensure we got this the way I wanted it to.”

Interestingly, courage has never been too far away from Kaycee Brown. In 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, Kaycee Brown went on Instagram live, winning a competition hosted by Stefflon Don over thousands of contestants by singing an earlier released song “Desire.”

The song, which went viral with thousands of listens in the UK alone, sparked interest from other global heavyweights including Will.I.Am who spoke about his songwriting prowess. These accolades and exposure also helped Kaycee Brown secure a slot on American Rapper The Game’s soundcloud mixtape, further attracting the admiration of global industry heavyweights such as Roc Nation AnRs Earl Johnson and Terry Smith, respectively, UK rapper Don E, amongst others. With courage as fearless as Kaycee Brown’s, it is easy to imagine what lays ahead for the banker by day and musician by night. Nonetheless, he puts it succinctly: stardom. “Well, what is next for me right now is building my career.

I am intentional about speaking, doing interviews about my art. I want to go to the top. I don’t know how exactly I will do it; but that is where I am going. I have suffered a lot. I have been paying the dues. In fact, the dues are owing me right now. After the EP drops, I will know what next. They say, ‘Man plans, God laughs.’ All I know is God better have the highest of plans for me because I am accepting nothing less.

SOURCE: Official Bio