1. Jouska Kayla Williams 3:36

Kayla Williams is an Alternative Electropop singer-songwriter based in London. Having been raised primarily in Mexico City and 4 other countries abroad, Kayla’s sound is influenced heavily by the music she heard during her travels. Kayla began playing the piano at the age of 8 and has always done things that cater to her musical side since then.

She has garnered an audience on Tiktok of 230,000 people as well as Instagram audience of 23,000 people. As music is one of her greatest passions, you’ll find her either listening to music or in the studio making some.

Kayla’s main goal is to make an impact on those that can relate to her experiences. She hopes that her music will touch the hearts of others and provide comfort, as did the music she listened to growing up. Kayla released her debut single, “Indifferent” on September 23, 2022. Just a day after releasing this song she performed it at Believe Music Hall in Atlanta Georgia.

This song has made its mark and has been featured on radio shows in London (AFX Radio) and Mexico (Worldwide Millennial). Combining moody vocals and atmospheric electronics is Kayla’s go to and she is not afraid to go against the norm as she creates music of a unique genre. Kayla describes her music as Pop with a hint of electronic and alternative R&B inspired by avantgarde artists such as BANKS, FKA twigs, and Halsey.

Kayla is set to release her next single “Jouska” January 13th; Jouska (noun.) a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head.” This chilling track presents the thoughts of someone who is trying to piece together the words they will say to their significant other amid a breakup. Echoes, repetition, and airy vocals are used to reinforce the idea of being in their head and replaying over and over what they are going to say. “Jouska” carries a unique electronic aspect with beautiful synths and unpredictable percussive adds. This emotional track will make you feel like you’re floating in the clouds.

SOURCE: Official Bio