Kenavo Goodbye has released their new video for the track titled ‘L’été’. From the intro of that sweet and dirty riff, I knew I was in for something different. That certain something that doesn’t come along that often. What I got was that sweet spot in #indie music when alternative was still called Post Modern and the cool kids were still underground.

‘L’été’ is a track that doesn’t have to try. It just is. And what you take from that is an #indie inspirational song and video meant for the masses and given to us all.

About Kenavo Goodbye

Kenavo Goodbye is a French band. They come from Brittany, from Morlaix in Finistère. The band was formed in 2014. It’s a duo. They are multi-instrumentalists.

They have played live in two Festivals since 2016. But they are above all musicians of Studio. They are preparing a 6-track album that will be released on CD in 2022.