Circle The Earth has today released their new single and video for ‘Sweetest Pain’. A beautiful and lush prog-pop=rock opus that not only fits all of those genres and more it compliments each and every one of the. Effortlessly. To make a band of this magnitude, you have to fill it with mega-talent. Each person must be a superstar on their respective instrument. And that is what Circle The Earth is. It is a supergroup.

And, today we have an interview with the band themselves. We learn about ‘Sweetest Thing’ as well as all things Circle The Earth and more.

About Circle The Earth

Founded in 2018 by bassist Michael McBay, Circle the Earth is comprised of a broad array of renowned musicians who stem from all corners of the planet, hence their name.

Their goal as a diverse and eclectic band is manifesting the point that any supporter of theirs, no matter how they identify, will always be able to connect and associate themselves with one of the members.

Not just multicultural, Circle the Earth is gender inclusive, featuring both male and female artists. The five-member group is electrifyingly fronted by lead vocalist, Khadia, whose performance style and soulful powerhouse voice has garnered her an impressive resumé including performing alongside artists like Kanye West, Imagine Dragons, Janelle Monae, and the legendary Prince.

The rest of the Circle the Earth ensemble includes musical talents such as world renowned Japanese guitarist, Kazuki Tokaji, Brazilian drummer, Sandro Feliciano (who had toured with the late great Teena Marie), and Taiwanese keyboardist, Sandy Chao Wang.

With an emphasis on rock, Circle the Earth’s tone weaves an element of pop, soul and hip-hop, while spreading messages of unity, hope and harmony to create a truly unique sound that spans borders and genres.