American rapper and songwriter King Myers officially releases the music video for his single titled “Wicked”, which is the title track for his upcoming album with distribution through EMPIRE.

“Wicked” is the first studio single of a series, in collaboration with Los Angeles, California production partner, DJ Journey. A booming, uptempo 808 drops the hard rugged backbeat in between rolling trap hats laying the foundation for synth stabs that echo the struggles and rejoice with the rewards. “Wicked” is not only an anthem, it’s a cross-country exploration led by King Myers in his global conquest from underground hip-hop, to mainstream stardom. King’s lyrical partner in crime on the split track features Jamo, hailing from Walthamstow, London.

WICKED is not just a record with a music video. It was filmed by Pacman TV within two hours of its recording. Rather, packed beneath the music and lyrics is a much deeper meaning filled with behind the scenes sub-storylines between two rappers, and a composer, all from different walks of life. A meaning that reveals how the power of music and social media brought different walks of life together to write, produce, record and shoot a project over a couple of days in London. No doubt, music brings people and artists together. At the right place, and the right time, magic can happen. This record is made of magic, only fit for a King!

You can stream/download “Wicked” on all digital streaming platforms by clicking HERE.