“Good Music” is a hip-hop album by 22 year old independent rapper King Myers. The album was promoted with a brilliant marketing scheme, which involved using propaganda, as well as Kanye West / G.O.O.D. Music, & President Trump as pawns to make it successful.

It all began with Grammy Award winning rock group, Cage The Elephant sending out a sarcastic tweet, in which they asked their fans if they would like to hear a record with them, Kanye West, & King Myers. Myers used the tweet to create his own skeptical press release, stating that he may have signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music record label. The story was immediately picked up & published by MTV Base (Africa). Read the full story here.

To make the whole plan even more successful, & also cause controversy, King Myers released an anti-Trump single titled “PROPAGANDA”, in which he indirectly tells everybody that the whole thing isn’t real.

To top it off, listed Kanye West as the producer of the record. This method not only caused King Myers to be mentioned by CNN, TMZ, Fox News, XXL Magazine, Complex Magazine, & many other major media publications, he gave Kanye West no other option but to say something about the situation.

In the end, everybody were all forced to hear “Good Music”, a great message, & a very successful publicity stunt by a hungry, independent artist.