Kings County has premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Holding On’ releasing tomorrow. Pulling out all of the stops visually and destroying that glass ceiling sonically, Kings County make you hold on for dear life with ‘Holding On’. Clearly a harder edge from some of their previous releases, we get the next evolution of revolution from a group that is defining their sound one pair of ears at a time.

While you musicians out their will no doubt gravitate to your respective instrument of choice through the individual virtuosity found in Kings County, collectively, you will feel the live adrenalin only found on the most massive of stages. Mixed, mastered, mentored, and mused. Kings County are redefining a genre on their own terms.

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About Kings County & ‘Holding On’

Kings County, out of Orlando, FL., has been hard at work over the last year writing and recording new music, including their single and video for, “Holding On” dropping April 28, 2023. This track is like no other with its intense and powerful vocals, hardcore guitar and unapologetic, yet melodic sound. “Holding On”, is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed, “Equilibrium” single and video with over 450k YouTube streams.

Kings County is:

Rob Dexter (Vocals, Bass)
Steve Bell (Guitars, Vocals)
Joe Lopez (Drums)
Bill Kania (Guitars, Vocals)

Dexter says, “’Holding On” was the song we needed to write. After our last release in 2022, we were constantly performing live for months and knew we had to get back to writing or we would become complacent. You are as good as your last song and “Holding On” was a pivotal moment for us. We needed to raise the bar and that’s exactly what we did with “Holding On”.”

“Holding On” touches on every past bad relationship that burned a lasting impression in Dexter’s mind and how he eventually learned to deal with it. He realized he could stay and be tortured or take a stand and end the nightmare.

“Every strong song needs a strong video”, says Dexter. “Nowadays people listen with their eyes and we weren’t about to not deliver a visually amazing experience for our fans. We wanted to go outside the box and recruit a director who we’ve never worked with before and that’s when we came upon Jon Vulpine. Jon has worked Three Days Grace, Seether and Skillet.”

The video for, “Holding On” was filmed at an old, abandoned bank built in 1902 in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, FL. A generator was brought in, since there was absolutely no electricity in the building. In addition, there were huge gaping holes in the floors that dropped down easily 10ft and broken glass that was falling from the huge glass weathered ceiling. It wasn’t the safest place to shoot a video, but it certainly got the unique affect they were looking for.

“Holding On” was produced by Super Producer and Engineer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric) at Pearl Sound Studios (Asking Alexandria, Eminem, Filter) in Canton, MI.

Bell, Dexter and Alkazian created the initial structure of the song, but as “Holding On” began to develop, Chuck helped the band make the song strong as possible. Steve, Chuck and Dexter approached the song like a three-headed dragon and the final results shown through.