1. Got Love Shavarr 2:12

Shavarr releases his debut album, Root, introducing the world to his musical journey and growth, demonstrating his deep dedication to reggae music. The Jamaican artist, songwriter and producer combines traditional roots and dancehall sounds in this work with hard-hitting lyrics speaking about the struggles and triumphs of everyday life.

The album was produced by Black Alpha Productions and Wizkilful Productions, along with a team of experienced producers and engineers. Most of Root’s 12 tracks feature a mix of live instrumentation and electronic elements that create a captivating and dynamic listening experience that result in top-notch sound quality.

The album features collaborations with several notable peers, including Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer James Bonzai Caruso, and Earl Smith Jr, son of the legendary guitarist who played with Bob Marley, among others, showcasing Shavarr’s ability to work in a team to create music that is both innovative and true to its roots.

Shavarr has drawn inspiration from a variety of sources for this album, including his own personal experiences, his faith, and the beauty and culture of his homeland Jamaica, creating introspective and personal lyrics that explore topics of love, struggle, perseverance and spirituality. The result is a deeply personal and authentic album, both uplifting and emotional, poised to resonate with reggae and music fans of all ages.

SOURCE: Official Bio