Kinnecom released two new songs titled “About You” and “When I Fall Apart” in the past month after almost two years of silence. He posted the night before his first release saying “I know I’ve been quiet for a while now but believe me when I say that I was not taking a break, and I had the furthest thing from writer’s block. The truth is that I’ve recorded over 100 songs just this year alone, and tomorrow night I’ll be sharing my favorite”

Between vulnerable simplicity and dramatic vocal cuts, Kinnecom’s heartbreak anthem “About You” is the ‘breakup’ soundtrack we all needed to hear.

Beginning with a delicate harp and choral style vocal harmonies, the track instantly builds an alluring atmosphere of longing and isolation. Kinnecom doesn’t hesitate to spill his heart out as the lines “I’ve been here for a minute now/wiping your tears/and I know I’m forgettable/but I can’t find another you anywhere” immediately remind you of what it feels like to be left behind.

“The hardest part of moving on is the instability. One moment everything is quiet, the next there’s a hundred pounding thoughts and feelings that you can’t get away from. I wanted to get all of those feelings and insecurities out of my head and turn them into something beautiful.”

There is an unsettling emptiness to the first half of the song, as it’s nearly an acapella performance all the way until the climax of the track “I don’t wanna feel anything anymore, but I do, and it’s all about you” where the drums roar in and gives the track an all-new level of intensity.

“I’m always experimenting with empty space to give the emotion of the track room to breath. I want every instrument and every line to have its moment and make every second count.”

A month after releasing “About You” he posted on his Instagram with the words “you’ve seen every line along my skin, untangled wires are sewn the threading in, when I fell out of place you were the one that stayed, you told me that I’m not alone this” followed by an announcement of a new song being released the same night.

The song, entitled, “When I Fall Apart,” begins with a low pitched humming under what sounds like a finger resonating around an empty glass. His voice fades in from the emptiness and is mirrored by the sound of a distant horn singing the harmony.

The entire first minute echoes one feeling: tension. Everything is pulled together where from the distance and begins to harmonize in unison with the choir that introduces the chorus:

“When I fall apart, will you pick up the pieces, will you put me back together.”

The belting in the chorus breaks the delicate atmosphere of the song and sets it off into an orchestra of bells, chimes, and a hall of voices singing together.

Twenty four hours after announcing his new song he posted a picture of the cover captioned: “Sometimes this city feels like a factory that runs on it’s own. Crowds of people shoulder to shoulder, not speaking. Train cars packed wall to wall in complete silence / Every once in a while a stranger unknowingly rests their head on your shoulder as they fall asleep, someone who recognizes you says they’ve been thinking about you, someday someone tells you they love you.”

About Kinnecom:
Brooklyn based singer and producer Kinnecom is most known for his moody, ambient alternative pop. Originally known as a guitarist and songwriter for bands, Wealth In Water (Indianola Records) and Motiv, until later signing with Imminence Records for the release of his solo albums “Virtual Gravity” (2014) and “Motion Sickness” (2015). In 2016 he founded the record label CNMTC originally signing singer KLE and rapper Spaceman Stuu. That same year he also collaborated with rappers CloudyNueve and Donovan McCray along with producer Nick Scott (Hellogoodbye, I See Stars) on his second mixtape titled “Rain”. In 2017 he co-wrote and produced an acoustic single with Makari (InVogue Records) and partnered with pop singer YVES, producing his album “Chronicle 1” along with singles “Cadillac Dreams” and “I Let You See Me Naked” in 2018.