Originating out of the tech-driven mist of the Emerald City, a city in constant limbo between digital futurism and watery introspection, Darksoft naturally materializes as a half Steve Jobs, half Elliott Smith, a sensitive mastermind poised to haunt your digital and emotional mainframes. As a kid who grew up with a software company in his basement in a house surrounded by evergreens while grunge ruled the streets, Darksoft reveals his roots in this in-between with his 90s sadcore communicated through the language of computer viruses, algorithms, and human emotion pure enough to pass the Turing Test.

Darksoft finds inspiration in the encrypted, hidden motives that infect modern society, love, and communication. What comes out is like early Napster downloads torrented at a coffee shop and listened to through an old iPod on a drizzly fall day, with crunch guitar and crystalline vocal melodies that cut through the fog and straight to your computerized soul. This is music to make you again feel like a teenager, like a wannabe hacker, like someone who writes in a journal, plays Diablo, and waits for their crush to log into AIM.

Bill Darksoft leads the Darksoft project and runs Look Up Records out of Georgetown, Seattle with a studio at the Old Rainier Brewery. He studied creative writing at the University of Washington, and has played with many Seattle acts over the years. In his downtime, he likes to look up at the sky and watch planes fly into Boeing Field behind his house.

SOURCE: Official Bio