San Diego based concert production company and independent clothing label Kiss The Concrete has released their twenty-nine track fall sampler for free download. The sampler features tracks from the company’s endorsed bands (Convent, First Things First, Scarlett Avenue, Short Stories, and Within Ourselves) alongside up-and-comers Deadset, Forty Winters, Here Lies The Hero, Hit The Ground Running, The New Varsity, Pavilions, and Search Lights. The sampler falls one day before the Autumn Equinox and will be available online and at all Kiss The Concrete Co produced San Diego shows. Kiss The Concrete Co still has their summer line for sale HERE while they work to finalize the fall line that will be released at a later date.

About Kiss The Concrete Co:
Kiss the Concrete Co is a San Diego based concert production company and independent clothing label. Founded by Nina Johnstone in June 2009, the aim of Kiss the Concrete is to encourage today’s youth to “Make the Everyday Count”. They believe that every individual has a goal they want to obtain, but don’t find the beauty in the trials and tribulations it takes to get there. Whether it’s perfecting the “360 double kick flip” in skateboarding to starting your own couture clothing line to becoming a doctor, it’s the nights spent breaking bones perfecting tricks, sketching your visions, or studying all 206 bones in the human body that make the dream come alive. You’ve earned your scars, so wear them proud.