Kxllswxtch has today released his new single titled ‘Falling Down’. Smooth with a subtle feeling and haunting way about it, the song was written for Kxllswxtch’s signature vocals with a slightly dark songwriting style captured in the pre-chorus as the song hugs along.

Where the hidden gem in ‘Falling Down’ lies is that chugging feeling. The song has a ‘can’t stop me’ feeling about it yet retains any listener with interest. Kxllswxtch is a clear genre hopper. The kind we need right now. The kind that refuses to make it boring but keeps that cynical edge. The kind that records for himself and we just happen to like it.

About Kxllswxtch

Known for his range of style and skilled songwriting, Kxllswxtch has become a household name in the underground community. Today (8th September) he releases his new single ‘Falling Down’ which comes off the back of his UK and EU tour announcement. Since the release of his debut album KILL! and the 2021 album DISORDER, Kxllswxtch has performed a 32-city tour alongside his close friends Pouya, Jasiah, and Lu and is now bringing his distinctive music to London and Manchester as part of his UK and EU tour. Whether it be emotional alternative rock or heavy-metal raps, Kxllswxtch’s unique sound is able to adapt to any style and create a world of its own. Listen to Falling Down here. Tickets for upcoming UK and EU tour here.

The goal for Kxllswxtch with this new single is simple. ‘Falling Down’ is his way of showing a different side of himself, to show his versatility and to keep fans on their toes. “When I get comfortable with my sound is when I become stale,” declares the artist, songwriter, and producer. “I always want to keep that discomfort on the table. I’m always evolving.” Refusing to succumb to any particular genre, the 23-year-old Miami, Florida-based artist has achieved over 100 million streams with music drawn from rage, anxiety, and a lifetime of hardship. 2021’s DISORDER marked a breakthrough, with ‘WASTE’ becoming a standout song, fraught with lyrics of nihilism and apathy set against an acoustic guitar. Over 40 million streams later, people have bonded with the track, now repackaged as an EP with remixes. In 2023 he released the phenomenal THE WALLS HAVE EYES and the purpose was clear. While Kxllswxtch notes the album had its dark moments, it was not without triumph. “OH…LOVE?” takes chances on romance while the upcoming “INTO THE FALL” refuses to wallow. Instead, it captures a fighter’s spirit. “I’m gonna take everything head-on with my chin up and overcome it.” Kxllswxtch is doing precisely that.

Overall, the Kxllswxtch sound reflects a journey. Growing up in Anaheim, California, Jonathan Robert Whitmer faced obstacles far beyond a typical childhood. Over time, he learned the impacts of addiction, poverty, incarceration, and homelessness, all while enduring physical and psychological abuse. He learned to be independent, resilient, and angry. In dealing with anger, Jonathan nearly repeated his cycle. He spent months in juvenile detention and faced five felony charges that would have kept him behind bars into adulthood. “I figured I’m either gonna go to prison, someone’s gonna kill me, or I’m gonna make music and release all my emotions’. The teen ultimately chose music, selecting the name Kxllswxtch as a testament to his temper when confronted. The decision marked a transformative change in the direction and outcome of Jonathan’s life.

Since first recording music as a 15-year-old, he began sharing songs online in 2017. By 2019, he was making waves from his Orange County home and catching widespread attention. A producer named Flexatelli shared Kxll’s music with some of his fellow collaborators: Mikey The Magician & Pouya. That led to an invitation to record in Miami. “That’s when everything started to fall into place,” Kxll explains, finding a creative community and a sense of belonging. “It felt good being recognized in that scene that I admired.” He soon relocated to South Florida.

Shortly after relocating in 2020, Kxllswxtch released his debut album. “I let all of my anger out when I’m screaming and making those super aggressive songs,” he shares. “The slower, sad stuff is when I’m feeling depressed or when something’s not going my way in life.” Kxll openly shares his bouts with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, in hopes of helping others who can relate.

This new single is an alt-rock track coinciding with his UK performances on 7th November (Deaf Institute, Manchester) and 8th November (Underworld, London). Quickly proving to be one of the most exciting new artists of this generation, catch him on tour and listen to the new single now.