Cold Comforts has today released their new single titled ‘Spotlight’, from their upcoming EP ‘Momentum’. While ‘Spotlight’ is the near perfect introductory song to those uninitiated to Cold Comforts, I can also hear that future legacy sound within the band that tells me that they’ve not only found that sound that eludes many an artist, but they’ve made that sound signature, and that leaves me wanting to hear more from them and eagerly anticipates the ‘Momentum’ EP.

More than just a memorable hook, there is a bravado that signifies the track and keeps the interest level high while giving your inner groove something to groove too. This is what future legends sound like.

About Cold Comforts

Hailing from the rain sodden streets of Manchester, alt-rock three-piece Cold Comforts have been plying their trade, both across their hometown and further afield, for the last four years. And while many of their mancunian contemporaries have been content to rest on their laurels, the trio have instead, taken things up a notch. With a debut album already under their belts, not to mention two UK tours as well, the band have been turning heads both on and off stage with their own brand of emotionally charged alt-rock.

Indeed, it’s a trajectory the band are set on, with both the release of two singles and an EP slated for releases over the coming months. Clocking in at a little over three-and-a-half minutes, it’s forthcoming single ‘Spotlight’ the band have their sights set on now.

Harboring echoes of ‘90s bands such as Weezer, Pavement and Ash the band describe the track as “one of the first truly collaborative efforts that has come from us. With musical and lyrical ideas coming from every band member, this music feels like the most “us” thing that we’ve made to date.”

Just the first taste of the band’s forthcoming Kill the Momentum EP, Cold Comforts have consistently proven themselves as one of the most exciting and idiosyncratic bands to come out of Manchester in recent years, and now with the momentum behind them being them anything but dead, it seems they’re on the cusp of taking Manchester by storm.