1. Where There Is Sorrow There Is Holy Ground KYŌGEN 5:05

KYŌGEN is set to release their new single titled ‘Where There Is Sorrow There Is Holy Ground’ on July 28th. Beautifully constructed with a somber overtone, ‘Where There Is Sorrow There Is Holy Ground’ delves into the realm of epiphany and solitude with a musical feeling that leaves the heart slightly torn and the mind slightly expanded.

Kyoko Swan’s solitary vocals pin those feelings on the chest of everyone listening as KYŌGEN makes an anthem for the everyone. Those people trying to get through life as best they can. The ones that appreciate the little things and try not to sweat the trials of life, but learn their way through them. Music is powerful. It can be that light that makes the tunnel viewable.


KYŌGEN is an experimental dream pop project from PINS bassist Kyoko Swan and producer Daniel Broomhall. Following on from their ‘I CRY’ EP (RAMBER RECORDS) release, Where There Is Sorrow There Is Holy Ground is a mix of swooning vocals, otherworldly guitars and restless urban beats. It takes the spirit of the White Hotel’s Avant Garde scene and marries it to a timeless pop sensibility. Swan’s yearning poetry wraps a heartfelt package pitched somewhere between melancholia and moonstruck soul.

“This song is being released after a really upsetting and challenging time in my life – although strangely it was written before it. Listening to the lyrics though, I do feel I was sensing something wasn’t right, before the wheels really came off. The title is an Oscar Wilde quote from De Profundis, the long letter he wrote from Reading Gaol. He said that where there is sorrow there is holy ground, and some day people will realize what that means, but until then they will know nothing of life. I don’t wish to be as dramatic as that or celebrate suffering as if it is somehow deeper than other feelings, or more noble, but there is power in suffering. At least, when we can look back upon it and realize it didn’t manage to swallow us up whole.

I think this song is about being a bit of a lost soul in a way, and the ways we search to get out of ourselves, whether that be through art, or drink and drugs, or finding love in the wrong places. Maybe just ignoring our discomfort by pretending everything is ok. I hope those who listen to it find that it speaks to them somehow, even perhaps just in a very small way.”

SOURCE: Official Bio