Lane Shuler has released his new single titled ‘Eye Of The Storm’, featuring Rob Sonic. Calamity in the form of collaborative chaos shoved straight into your ears, the song is relentless with an audio assault that is as tough as it is tangible.

The beat is a monster and the rhythm shines a bright spotlight on bot Lane and Rob with the fierceness of a dynamic duo on a mission to make music cool again.

About Lane Shuler & ‘Eye Of The Storm’

After an impressive run with his last single – getting rotation on multiple FM radio stations, international Hip Hop blog coverage, heavy playlisting, and hundreds of thousands of spins on Instagram reels – Lane Shuler is back with his next single Eye of The Storm. For this one, Lane teamed up with Rhymesayers and Definitive Jux standout rapper Rob Sonic for this rapid and raw slugfest. Will Johnson is back on production, and just last month the two signed a publishing deal with a Los Angeles songwriting firm.

Johnson crafted an industrial and razor sharp instrumental that sets the perfect stage for the master class in lyricism presented by Shuler and Sonic.

This track marks number 4 in Lane Shuler’s Season 3 music release series, and is Rob Sonic’s first release since his 2021 full length LP Latrinalia.