1. Melanie Nods Lemonade Sin 0:30
  2. Lemonade Sin Lemonade Sin 0:30
  3. Semolina Den Lemonade Sin 0:30
  4. Denial Omens Lemonade Sin 0:30
  5. Solemn Diane Lemonade Sin 0:30
  6. Annies Model Lemonade Sin 0:30
  7. Aliens Demons Lemonade Sin 0:30
  8. Mild Neon Sea Lemonade Sin 0:30
  9. A Seldom Nine Lemonade Sin 0:30

Lemonade Sin are set to release their new album titled ‘Anagrams’ on July 11th via BoogleWonderland Records.

Coming off as a genre-hopping experiment flying right outside of the box, what you hear, if you pay attention, is a musical group in a musical metamorphosis. In a way, the title is totally appropriate along those regards. While we hear some of the band’s obvious influences, they are all flittered through that thing called originality. ‘Anagrams’ is a record that you can’t not listen to once you hit the play button. What is often taken for granted is used sparingly with respect with this album. That obvious grab for a hook is splintered into a thousand pieces of creativity, picked up and used for maximum feeling and impact. Close your eyes and you can picture yourself listening to this being played live at CBGB’s or Club 54. It’s that diverse.

Anagrams will be released on BoogleWonderland Records on 11 July and available to download on Bandcamp.

About ‘Anagrams’

London and Devon based alt-pop band/duo Lemonade Sin release their debut full-length album, Anagrams, this July.

Lemonade Sin is the creation of Lee Friese-Greene and Simon Aldous, formerly singers and songwriters with Sidi Bou Said and Umbrella Heaven respectively. While they cite their primary influences as Abba and the Velvet Underground, their dreamy alt-pop sound also has echoes of every great boy/girl duet you’ve ever heard – from Nancy and Lee, via the Pastels and Belle & Sebastian to the Human League.

Anagram’s underlying concept is that each song is an anagram of Lemonade Sin, which is in turn an anagram of Simon and Lee.

“We were stuck for a band name,” recalls Simon. “Every suggestion we came up with seemed to have already been taken, so Lee had the idea of putting ‘simon and lee’ into an anagram generator. Not only did it provide our name, but we also had a list of a dozen other titles that looked like pretty good song titles.

” Adds Lee: “Writing songs together as a partnership, it seems to really help us to have a strong starting concept of where we want to go. With these titles, we talked about each one and what the title might mean and where we might want to take that idea. Even thought there is a random element to how they came about, through those discussions, the songs started to become personal, reflecting our own feelings about people and situations.”

The result is an eclectic nine-track album featuring songs that wind their way from disco to shoegaze to folk to grunge and back again but all bound together by the common threads of duelling boy/girl vocals, rich harmonies, jangly guitars and a love of retro synth sounds .

Anagrams is the follow-up to last year’s mini-LP Lost Days and, as with that one, has been recorded and mixed at Penquit Mill studio in Devon by Lucy and Matt Board (also two-thirds of the band Pale Blue Eyes) who also play on all the tracks. “Not only are Lucy and Matt very skilled technically,” says Simon. “They also have fantastic ideas for the tracks – instrumentation and parts that we would never have thought of but are perfect for the songs. It’s great collaborating like that and such a treat to spend time in the studio with them.”

Lemonade Sin will be playing at the Lexington, London, on Sunday 17 July. Live they are augmented by Charlotte Beale on bass, Jennifer Denitto on drums, Robin Morgan on keyboards and Kathy Welch adding, variously, guitar, glockenspiel and melodica, according to what’s required, the six of them creating an expansive, lush sound.