Laura Fisher has premiered her new video for the track titled ‘Bleaching Daisies’. We’ve all wished we could outrun the past. We all have hoped for a blank slate. We’re all trying to clean up our messes. And perhaps no song illuminates that struggle quite like Laura Fisher’s newest single, “Bleaching Daisies.”

Fisher has already lived a busy and brilliant musical life. From being trained by Juilliard musicians in her formative years to playing a famous ski lodge in Niseko, Japan, she’s spent her life chasing songs. With her band Matron, Fisher has shared stages with bands like Tera Melos, Speedy Ortiz, and The Spirit of the Beehive. Singing and playing synth with People Museum, Fisher was able to be part of a concert filmed at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

A documentary of the performance will be shown at the upcoming Big Ears festival in Knoxville, TN. As if that wasn’t enough, Fisher has a new EP of her own songs coming out soon! To help flesh out these songs, Fisher worked with an all star cast of musicians: Jonathan Arceneaux (Julie Odell) on drums, Claire Givens (People Museum) on synth bass, Nick Elstrott (Toonces) on synth, and longtime engineer/co-producer Adam Keil.The results of these sessions are magnificent.

From its opening strings to its final chorus, “Bleaching Daisies” takes us on a journey. Fisher’s masterful melodies weave around stunning chord progressions, creating hypnotic moments that seem to expand and contract as the song builds. Fisher has a gift for writing with her eyes – creating cinematic musical moments that build worlds and conjure up fantastical images.

Fisher sings, “I’m bleaching daisies / I’m washing my hands clean / I swear I didn’t do anything.” There’s an entire story in just these three lines. Musically, the song follows an almost Shakespearean pattern of melodic and rhythmic storytelling. From the rising action of the verses to the resolving denouement, Fisher & Co. make sure the music matches the intention of the lyrics.

Laura Fisher, along with her cast of musicians, draw emotion from every moment of this single. Every note works towards telling the story of the song’s narrator. “Bleaching Daisies” is sure to become an alt-pop classic, and Fisher is destined for even greater things. It’s all up from here.

Featured image by Henny Herz.