1. Wishing The Day The Simpletons 4:09

The Simpletons are a reformation of a formerly Dallas-based Indie Rock band from the early 1990s. The first new music after such a long hiatus needs to inspire, and Trampling Roses delivers handsomely. Originally formed by Australian Nathan Fynn, the Simpletons relied on innovative chord structure, driving creative melodies.

In 2021, Nathan and Brian McMurtry renewed their musical friendship, writing the first Simpletons compositions in three decades. Because the team was 9000 miles and 16 time zones apart, they collaborated through endless video calls and recorded in separate studios. They engaged veteran guitarist Marty Willson-Piper (formerly of the Church, Noctorum, All About Eve) as executive producer, and have created a 5-song EP worth the wait.

SOURCE: Official Bio