Lazyrave have released their new single titled ‘Terraform’. Creating atmosphere behind the beat while adding voice to the vacuum, ‘Terraform’ gives a pop mainstream vibe to the versatility in their music as they effortlessly combine influence navigating the genres with a talent only found in the most masterful musicians. That steady groove demands the activation of the infinite repeat with clouds, shapes, and colors dancing in your head like a euphoria induced trip through the psyche. The soul is in the synth.

About Lazyrave

Lazyrave are a 4-piece indie electronic band residing in Newcastle upon Tyne. Forming the members love of indie, rock, trance, electronic and everything in between, has birthed this unique offering that demands your attention in the most transcendent way possible. No strangers to the circuit, Lazyrave have grown into a project that is becoming more than an output of joy, and are starting to really put across their sound and sonic direction since releasing their first single in 2019.

The band’s ethos is channelling the energy of the music you feel after every party, every rave you’ve ever attended, every live gig, is wrapped up in Lazyrave. Spanning influences from The Chemical Brothers and beyond, they use their blending of genres to create something truly innovative sound that you simply just have to hear for yourself.

They continue their momentum in 2022 with new single ‘Terraform’, and it’s everything aforementioned encapsulated. Euphoric and pounding drums introduce and then provide a constant rhythmic heartbeat throughout, before a pair of spacey whirling synthesisers enter the fore and create a dark electronic atmosphere with room to breathe. Clark’s lyricism and vocals then fill the air so eloquently, finding melody lines that hit you instantly. In a track that is all about wanting to move away to another world entirely, ‘Terraform’ certainly transports you to Lazyrave’s world.

Lazyrave are making their own waves in their own way, and it’s a highly immersive style of music that will hook you in from that first beat. ‘Terraform’ opens the door to their evocative and energetic way of creating music, and it’s one you won’t want to close for a long time.