Kitty Coen has an exclusive interview with Jammerzine and has also officially premiered her new single titled ‘rotten tomatoes’, dropping this Friday (June 10th).

Kitty is an artist that, quite frankly, will be mentioned very frequently for not only her songwriting but her performance and signature sound. She is, in every sense of the word, a brand. She gets it too. This is what you need to make it in the music industry. That’s how you become memorable.

And within that brand that is all things Kitty Coen, we get a glimpse of her influences, both musical and in life, and we get them wrapped up in her own music.

And, in this interview, we talk with Kitty about said music and the process of creating it. We also dive deep into that rabbit hole of the self and psyche and realize that she is just as creative, humble, and good a person as she is in music. This is a lesson on making it big.

‘rotten tomatoes’

‘rotten tomatoes’ is one of those kind of tracks that becomes you from the relation aspect initially. You find a part of yourself in the lyrics. What happens next is you find a part of your groove in the music. While not too hard, the music is not too quiet either. It’s just right. Think a score for contemplation. A realization timed to three minutes thirty seconds. But that ‘a ha’ moment is in the first bar.

Song aside, this is one of those things we need, and can always use. That feeling that we are not alone in our experiences and that there is always someone who ‘gets’ what you are going through. And no matter who or what is obstructing us we can always find solace that, while we may never be the best, we can always be the best that we can be.

Be the love you want to see in the world. Even when you feel like you are getting rotten tomatoes thrown at you from every direction, even when you feel like no one is giving you the ‘ratings’ you deserve, screw it. Show love, be love, because it could pass right by you.

Kitty Coen

About Kitty Coen

Nashville based singer/songwriter, Kitty Coen stepped into the live music scene at the start of 2020 in Austin TX with psychedelic rock. Having graduated from her previously beloved “Disco Cowgirl” aesthetic, her ever-evolving colorful showmanship continues landing her increasingly impressive opportunities, like performing at SXSW. The singer’s voice is kaleidoscopic and hopelessly romantic, intricately woven into high quality production and unique arrangements. The alternative artist continues to drop timeless slow-burners that present a fresh sound cutting through to the forefront of alternative pop. Coen’s February 2022 release, “Bad Bad Liar” was devoured by a number of indie tastemaker publications for the fiery, alt. rock. delivery of the empowering banger and accompanying music video.

The singer released another iconic single/video duo, Lost in California in 2020; The video was featured in Wonderland Magazine praising Kitty Coen’s music as “picking up where Madonna left off” and commending her as “A rhinestone cowgirl after our hearts and ears.” As Kitty’s artistry grew, she sang about heavier topics like death, addiction, and abuse. The listener learns that the artist has experienced all of these things early on in life. Currently, Coen is set to release a 90’s alt. rock throwback, “rotten tomatoes” where she explores a fresh sound that further solidifies the artist’s reputation for releasing music that is uniquely her; the track is steeped in optimism and serenades listeners with the message to live in the moment and be the love they want to see in the world.

Although these songs have dark undertones, there is always a sense of hopefulness in the singer’s voice, assuring us that even though life comes with many struggles, the sun will rise again.