LDV (La Dolce Vita) has released their new video for the track titled ‘Too Many Voices’ via Mold Records. Grandiose in scope and magnetic to the ears, LDV show a cinematic penchant for the future classic and give forth a song that shows their influence as much as it becomes influential.

While the video is clearly a site to behold, the song makes the ambiance and atmosphere. Lush and vivid with a soundscape that fills the ears, LDV sets the situation and the tone.

About ‘Too Many Voices’

‘Too Many Voices’ is the perfect representation of a big moment of confusions, in a society where we are strectly connected one by one but probably less emphatic and connected in the deep.

In this growing confusion and disillusion, too many are the voices spinning in our head and sometimes we just need a moment of silence and an outstretched hand, but not always it comes as we wish.

For the video clip, Mold Records, under the imaginative helm of director Sergio Cinghiale, has taken a bold leap into the world of cinematic storytelling with this dramatic deep dive into the story of a family caught in the stormy seas of rage and alcohol. The confusion and disillusionment are tangible, almost palpable forces, wreaking havoc in a domestic setting.

The children saved from the bad situation and the decision of the father to keep it out of this dramatic situation is the key to the hope of coming out of this situation and to stop everything before it’s too late.

The red lights recurring on the video represent the metaphoric idea of this persistent sense of oppression.

About LDV

LDV (La Dolce Vita) is a post-punk band early born in the first ‘80s, around the post-punk scene in Udine, Italy. The band is wawing on the scene since its origins and walk around the post punk and dark wave music scene. Restyling part of the music production born in the years, LDV is now working with Mold Records to release the old and new music of the band in a way that’s good for the new music media. The first album ‘1979’ is released by Mold Records in 2022.

With an accurate cure for the sound and the class of their music, LDV are not a band ‘sounding like good old days’, they are directly involved and born in that scene and they never lost that attitude. The perfect motto for them is Not ‘revival’ but ‘survival’.