Leaflet has released their new single titled ‘Something Beyond’, from their upcoming album of the same name dropping January 20th, 2023.

Part anthemic with a style based on originality and sheer drive fused with gritty/melodic guitars beefed up with a blessed mix topped with crushing vocals, ‘Something Beyond’ is just that. Signaling that hard rock music from the golden age is back with a few solid updates and an infusion of variety to add that little something for everyone.

Don’t let that last paragraph fool you, though. This is a guitar track. And album. Meant to inspire those future virtuosos in every country. And that is what this is all about. And that is awesome.

About Leaflet

Formed in 2013, Leaflet is a four-piece hard rock band from Turku, Finland. Their music can be described as metal-infused American-style hard rock and while you might hear echoes of bands like Alter Bridge or Shinedown they have their own unique Nordic flavour. In 2019, Leaflet released “Johnny Two-Face” as a single through VR Label Finland followed by an ambitious music video shot in both Turku, Finland, and Tokyo, Japan. After a couple of years of silence due to the pandemic, the band is now back with their second album “Something Beyond” to be released by Rockshots Records on January 20, 2023, sounding stronger than ever.

“With this album, we have tried to refine our sound further to something that can be more easily identified as Leaflet instead of our influences. The album is full of catchy metal-influenced rock tunes that would fit perfectly in the heavy rotation of every rock radio station. The album has a lot of variety within the songs and we got a diverse selection of singles as well. Three very different singles trying to represent the entire album as well as possible. As singles, we got one heavy and hard-hitting tune, one straightforward and super catchy tune, and one fast-paced in-your-face type of tune. You should check out them all to see what you think!” says the band.


  1. Gonna Do It – 4:12
  2. Resonate – 3:40
  3. Alone Alive – 3:50
  4. Earth – 3:54
  5. Johnny Two-Face – 4:01
  6. Tattoos of Life – 3:43
  7. Shades of Black – 2:55
  8. Someone Somewhere – 3:51
  9. Something Beyond – 4:48

Leaflet is:

  • Jaakko Leaflet – lead vocals & guitar
  • Antti Kallio – guitar & backing vocals
  • Fabian Korsström – bass & backing vocals
  • Pekka Jokela – drums