Leah Jane has today released her new single titled ‘Paper Crown’ from her upcoming EP ‘Nottingham Drive’ via Spooky Action Records.

‘Paper Crown’ is one of those songs that just kind of gets you in the feels. A combination of soft angelic vocals with subtle variations in the music that culminate into an original feeling and a more original sound. Sliding with ease into a lush and felt chorus, ‘Paper Crown’ displays a sheer musicianship that stays in touch with the poetry of the lyrics.

About ‘Paper Crown’

“Paper Crown” reflects Leah Jane’s diverse musical influences, ranging from Taylor Swift to Gregory Alan Isakov. Its creation was a collaborative effort with Selfish Things members Alex Biro and Mike Ticar, alongside Neil Mcinnis, and Mike Tompa (Silverstein, Cindë). Leah Jane describes the songwriting process as both fun and therapeutic, emphasizing its theme of releasing oneself from burdensome ties. This single, released under Spooky Action Records, showcases Leah Jane’s evolution as an artist, expanding her repertoire beyond her folk music roots into a more ethereal and unique sound.

About Leah Jane

Leah Jane, a nominee for Best Actress at the “Short Stop Film Fest” and a recognizable face from House of Deadly Lies (previously on Amazon Prime, Lifetime), brings her acting skills into her musical performances, creating a cinematic experience for her listeners. Her debut EP Nottingham Drive, from which “Paper Crown” hails, tells poignant stories of feeling undervalued, viewed from a broad perspective. This EP is a testament to her journey as an artist, marked notably by her receipt of the 2019 RBC Emerging Musician/Canadian Walk of Fame Scholarship for her original song, “Water.”