The Eighty Six Seas has released their new video for the track titled ‘Ghost in the Cityscape’, from the upcoming concept album Scenes From An Art Heist, dropping in February, 2024.

Solemnly serene with a touch of outside-the-box orchestration, ‘Ghost in the Cityscape’ fills the mind and warms the heart with a type of originality that the indie music scene needs more of. Reminiscent of feelings we’ve all had and actions we rarely take, the song and video capture that moment of introverted realization of uncomfortably personal angst met with the person it embodies.

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About ‘Ghost in the Cityscape’

Containing a chord progression almost identical to Death Cab for Cutie’s “Transatlanticism”, The Eighty Six Seas paint a similar image of despair and longing that Ben Gibbard would approve of. At the helm of “Ghost in the Cityscape”, is the perpetual fear of running into a forlorn lover. Throughout the tune, The Eighty Six Seas offer insight on the uncomfortable feelings associated with being perceived by an ex, only to be thoroughly enhanced by frontman Nick Stevens’ calm, yet syrupy vocals.

About The Eighty Six Seas

The moniker of Nick Stevens, The Eighty Six Seas are a folk-based outfit who weave a tapestry of indie folk, indie rock, and electronica into a sound uniquely his own. Decorating his music with sweeping strings and poetic stories, Stevens originally grew up in Massachusetts and has since relocated to Brooklyn, which is where the bulk of the songwriting takes place. Most recently, The Eighty Six Seas are gearing up for the release of their concept album Scenes From An Art Heist, slated for release in February 2024.