Lemonade Shoelace (a.k.a. Ruairí Richman) has today released his new single titled ‘Soul Syndrome’. Soul-gaze with a higher purpose and filtered through the hook machine, ‘Soul Syndrome’ is more than a possible cool catch phrase, it’s an anthem for aspiration, but wait, there’s a catch: it depends on the thoughts and the type of person you are. Be careful what you wish for, you may get it. Having said that, musically, this song is the type of feel good music that brings back the sounds, sights, and smell of summer. That is my happy place. A breezy pop song with that monster hook and carefree way about it. Maybe that’s my thoughts” I hope so.

About ‘Soul Syndrome’

Psych-pop songwriter/producer closes the year and his first era with a swooning single that combines dream, psychedelic, and indie pop. 2023 proved to be a year where the name “Lemonade Shoelace” was on everyone’s lips.

Following showcases at international tastemaker festivals SXSW and The Great Escape, the bedroom producer released his debut EP “Do Whatever Makes You Happy”, and introduced the world to the Shoe Crew and his vibrant take on psychedelic pop. And with the release of his next single, one chapter closes and a new one begins.

Enter “Soul Syndrome”, the single that bridges the gap between eras without losing the signature sound that built the Lemonade Shoelace name. A space-age jam built upon a bedrock of floating melodies, easy-listening grooves and expansive rhythms, Soul Syndrome brings to mind the work of peers like Aflie Templeman, Peach Pit and Oscar Lang. Despite being recorded and produced solely within his bedroom, the song is laden with expansive synths and swirling pop production that traps listeners in their own star-filled syndrome.

“Soul Syndrome is a song about how your thoughts and self-beliefs are the most prominent barrier between you and your dreams. As said in the song, if you let your thoughts become feelings, you can do anything alone – but beware: it depends on what you think about. Positive thoughts equal positive feelings and outcomes, and negative thoughts and beliefs will hold you back from ever attempting to achieve your highest aspirations.”

“To me, the phrase Soul Syndrome describes the state in which you aren’t following your true purpose or your dreams in life, but are yet to actively do something to change it. We are humans, and it’s not our fault that we have so many limiting beliefs and anxieties around being an ‘adult’; and it certainly doesn’t help having an education system that merely just teaches us how to ‘get a job’ and ‘earn money’. I know we are all worth so much more than that, and I truly hope these words or this song helps even just one person in the slightest.”

About Lemonade Shoelace

Lemonade Shoelace is an unsigned but up and coming independent artist with a lot of material in his back pocket for an exciting 2024.

Shows in Mexico City, Mexico, Austin, USA, London, England. And also Dingle, Kerry. Not bad for an artist with who had one track to his name. And yet, Irish producer/songwriter Lemonade Shoelace has continued to meet and exceed all expectations placed upon him.

A native of Newcastle, Co. Down. he name-checks King Gizzard, Oscar Lang, Alfie Templeman and Tame Impala as inspirations. A specialist in creating dense, vibrant melodies and melding them with dream-pop arrangements and free-flowing psychedelic sensibilities, LS is a visual artists as much as a musical one, on a one-man mission to paint some color back on the world.

When his debut single was picked up by the likes of KEXP and BBC, lauded by VANS and Gibson and supported by Yungblud and Denzel Curry, it felt less like a whirlwind and more like a plan finally falling into place. His debut EP, Do Whatever Makes You Happy, was released in late April 2023 to critical and industry acclaim, picking up editorial DSP support, features in national and digital press and UK/US radio support.

“I knew I wanted to create something bold and colorful. Not just visuals but music you have to listen twice to. I love music where every time you listen to it, you hear something else in the song. Interesting music.

The intention behind these songs is to create joy, fun, excitement and playfulness within the listener’s mind. I want to remind people to relax and not to take life so seriously, and if you plant the seeds of any idea or feeling it will grow into the most spectacular flowers – but only if you water them”.