Mucky Pup make their debut with the hypnotic, infectious new single ‘Brushing Off The Dust’.

Bringing together elements of Funk, House with Pop exploits, the duo’s first release showcases a strikingly complete sound, glittering with creativity and catchy hooks. The project of acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist Erik Miles (producer and engineer for the likes of Soft Play, Baby Dave (Isaac Holmann), Kate Nash, Lady Bird and Hotwax) and vocalist Heidi Haswell (guest vocalist on a number of records including for Soft Play & Baby Dave), the pair bring together their joint talents to create a unique and accessible electronic sound comparable to Girls Of The Internet with a hint of Maribou State.

Opening with atmospheric, delayed drenched bells and gradually growing beat, ‘Brushing Off The Dust’ soon bursts into life as a punching four to the floor and funky bass line enters. Surrounded by distinctive, swelling analogue synths, subtle brass sounds and piano, the warming, effortlessly infectious, silky smooth lead vocals glide above the track with a sense of ease giving a central focus for the instrumental to grow around.

Speaking about the new single, the duo explain:

“Me and Erik have always been involved in musical projects together and we always knew we had a certain chemistry when writing and creating with one another.

‘Brushing Off The Dust’ felt like it was the first time when we really combined our talents in the most raw and pure way and everything about the process came so naturally that the track seemed to just unveil itself. We both bounced off each other in a seamless way, bringing different ideas and elements to the table which ended up marrying into the sound. We both knew from the get go that we wanted to make a track that was feel good and made you want to move but also hosted a slightly seductive and inviting atmosphere. From there onwards the track unfolded itself and formed the sound that is Mucky pup.”

Having already gained the attention of BBC Introducing ahead of release, Mucky Pup have their sights set on big things. Intelligent, intricate pop tinted electronic music that offers danceability, a euphoric sense of joy and a creative depth.

SOURCE: Official Bio