Leon Seti has released his new album titled ‘Grimoire’ (playlist below) and, along with that, his new single ‘Lullaby’.

Partly electronic, but with an ethereal-istic spiritual flair, we get a sneak peek of an album that is as thematic as it is enlightening. Conveying feelings of confidence and melodic grandiose that builds and builds through the song into a memorable climax, ‘Lullaby’ is that signature at the end of a declaration.

About Leon Seti

Leon Seti is the moniker of experimental pop artist Leo Baldi. Coming from a multicultural upbringing in between Italy and the UK, Seti has grown fond of the theatrics you can unveil through electronic music, and it makes for an ethereal yet captivating sound. His latest album ‘COBALT’ was #1 on iTunes Electronic Chart in Italy, as well as featuring on Billboard Italia. Not just reaching heights in Italy, Leon has also been heavily supported by BBC introducing and has played at various venues around London and renowned festivals in Italy, further increasing his audience and following.

Leon delves deep into the alternative world and his music shows no boundaries by genre. His new album ‘Grimoire’ is a deep exploration into ambient electronic music that renders into a transcendent, fantasy world that he has created all on his own, with lead single ‘Lullaby’ perfectly encapsulating everything Leon Seti stands for.

From the first second you can capture what Leon is creating, with contrasting and almost clashing synths. A melodic and floaty flute line then enters, setting the scene for Leon’s truly empowering lyricism and vocals to take centre stage. He so seamlessly writes catchy melodies that are pop-woven and immediately accessible, on top of a dark and brooding production which then transports you to another place entirely. Seti’s soft and warm voice holds such presence and impact, in what is a beautifully minimalistic electro-pop track that stays with you long after its end.

“I wrote the lyrics about a fight I had with my sister,” says Leon. “With my producer, Pancratio, we turned it into a powerful statement about feeling like you’re not being listened to, about feeling powerless… The final line “you’ll never say sorry/and that’s fine/ I guess” captures a hope that sometimes is hard to put into words.”

Other singles such as ‘Grimoire’ and ‘And I’m Gone’ also invite you into Leon Seti’s eclectic world, with this sophomore album certainly showcasing his full breadth of artistic prowess. A member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Leon Seti is starting 2023 off with a sonically unique and resonating body of work, and ‘Lullaby’ will make him stand out above the noise.