1. Outflow Montao 2:41

Montao has released the new single known as ‘Outflow’. Fitting within it’s relevance and becoming a part of the world it’s created; we get something original in and of itself on every level imaginable without it becoming pretentious.

Subtle hints of clarity and a-ha moments abound as the song without a discernable chorus becomes a consistent hook and flavored with imagination so vivid you can taste it in your ears.

About ‘Outflow’

Following the incredible success of debut single ‘Halloween House’, harvesting over 16K streams, and receiving International radio support, Montao returns in 2023 with new single ‘Outflow’.

Now we have entered a post lockdown dystopian world, it begs the question, what actually happened…?

How does reality sit now, what is the ‘new normal’, is it new anymore?

As seamless as the ocean, was it all a dream? Have you woken up, or still asleep?

Whatever people’s experience of Covid was, spending endless months at home listening to horrific news, whilst a silent enemy lingered floating amidst the atmosphere.

Within this reality there was a calming but distorted silence, the Outflow…

About Montao

After decades of experience as a multi instrumentalist, recording artist, artist manager, and everything else in between, these combinations have fused together and spawned a new musical landscape in the world of Montao.

The trap door from another dimension has opened, and he will be here to stay.

Encapsulated amidst the terrain of a curious and sometimes confusing world, Montao is putting things right…one beat at a time.

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