The singer and songwriter known as Leona Lee has released her latest single, “Good Thing.” The single has been published independent of aid from the corporate music infrastructure. Sleek, elegant, gracefully sung and full of rhythm and groove, “Good Thing” by Leona Lee is a much-needed return to everything that is good about contemporary R ‘n’ B. An official video has also been made available for viewing online.

Asked to name some of her most important music influences, the multifaceted and multi-talented Leona Lee doesn’t hesitate to reply.

“Definitely Beyoncé!” she exclaims, followed by a list of distinguished legends which includes Jhené Aiko, Michael Jackson, Boyz 2 Men, Brian McKnight, JoJo, Chris Brown, and Whitney Houston. True audiophiles will note that the thread connecting all these music artists is one of immaculate taste.

This is a key quality to the sonic experience of Leona Lee. Her musical accompaniment and danceable back beats are spacious and unassuming, mellow and melodic, leaving her enough space in which to let her naturally sonorous voice truly shine. Her singing style is based on R ‘n’ B and pop motifs but also bears certain undertones of cool jazz.

Speaking of her start in music, Lee writes, “I first began singing when I was nine. A James Brown song came on at my mom’s wedding and I sung for the people who came. From there, my mom started getting me into music.”

“Good Thing” is the first taste of Lee’s upcoming EP, due out in short order.

“My EP is made up of songs to get listeners more familiar with me and the kind of person I am,” she writes. “I speak through my music so my EP tells you about me.”

Leona Lee, who typically writes all her own music (her EP features a track penned by her brother, Kris) is an actress, dancer, and model in addition to her considerable talents in music making. She is of Trinidadian and American heritage, and the middle child of five. She has been singing since the age of three and playing piano since she was five. She began her acting career the same year on the popular children’s television show, “Barney and Friends.”

“I feel like my music tells true stories about my outlook on life, and about other things that go on in my head,” she writes.

Two official music videos have also been released corresponding to her upcoming EP, one for “Good Thing” and another for “Why Do I Love You” (links provided below).

“Good Thing” by Leona Lee is available online worldwide. Fans of pop and R ‘n’ B should get in early.